Best Web Hosting For WordPress In India

If you want to get started with your own blog or a website then you’re probably going to need hosting. This can be a very confusing choice. There are many hosting companies that offer free hosting but they often come with restrictions on the amount of bandwidth and disk space. At Wiziwig we have tested hundreds of India-based web hosts for speed, customer support, reliability and price to find out the best web host for WordPress in India.

Best Web Hosting For WordPress In India

  1. Hostinger (
    Best WordPress hosting India: #1 Hostinger

Priced from: Rs. 79/month
Traffic allowed/bandwidth: 100GB
Email: One account (upgrade for more)
WordPress preinstalled: Yes
Local webserver: Yes
Local customer support: No
Hostinger is the ultimate discount solution for business owners who want to connect with a primarily Indian audience. All Hostinger accounts come with preinstalled WordPress, at least one email address, an easy-to-use control panel, access to 24/7 support, and at least 100GB of bandwidth.

What’s also great news for local websites is that Hostinger now has servers in India as well, which should guarantee you good performance and fast loading times.

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  1. Bluehost India (
    Best WordPress hosting India: #2 Bluehost

Priced from: Rs. 199/month
Traffic allowed/bandwidth: Unmetered
Email: Unlimited accounts
WordPress preinstalled: Yes
Local webserver: Yes
Local customer support: Yes
Bluehost India is the Indian branch of Bluehost, one of three web hosts officially recommended by WordPress itself. In the past couple of years, Bluehost has transformed their service, making everything easier to use and offering a wider variety of plans to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Bluehost India’s WordPress hosting plans come with preinstalled WordPress, automated updates and a free SSL certificate. The MOJO Marketplace and Jetpack plugins are also installed automatically on all Bluehost India WordPress sites.

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  1. BigRock Hosting (

Priced from: Rs. 199/month
Traffic allowed/bandwidth: Unmetered
Email: Unlimited accounts
WordPress preinstalled: Yes
Local webserver: Yes
Local customer support: Yes
BigRock Hosting offers a wide variety of hosting plans, including four different WordPress optimized plans. Unlike most of the companies on this list, BigRock actually launched in India and has since expanded to operate servers in the US as well, and not the other way around.

All BigRock Hosting plans come with preinstalled WordPress, unlimited email accounts, and simple SSL certificate generation. You can choose one of the WordPress Suite plans for additional security features and automated backups.

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  1. GoDaddy (

Priced from: Rs. 99/month for first year (449/month upon renewal)
Traffic allowed/bandwidth: Up to 25,000 monthly visitors
Email: One account free for first year
WordPress preinstalled: Yes
Local webserver: No
Local customer support: No
GoDaddy is one of the biggest players in website hosting worldwide, consistently ranking as the most popular WordPress host in our annual surveys. Their WordPress plans come with preinstalled WordPress, automated backups and malware scans, 10GB of storage, a CDN booster, and a free domain for one year.

GoDaddy does offer 24/7 support so you can reach them no matter when your business hours are, but they do not currently have dedicated Indian customer support or servers.

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  1. A2 Hosting (
    A2 Hosting

Priced from: Rs. 208/month (Frequent sales occur)
Traffic allowed/bandwidth: Unmetered
Email: Up to 25 accounts
WordPress preinstalled: Yes
Local webserver: No
Local customer support: No
A2 Hosting provides high quality WordPress hosting with several benefits, including one-click ecommerce integration, a free SSL certificate, turbo servers for 20x faster load times, and free advertising credits.

A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer service, so you’ll never be without help, but they don’t have dedicated customer service for India. At this time, they do not have servers in India either; the nearest server is in Singapore.

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🧐 What to look for in best WordPress hosting India
The best WordPress hosts in India will be able to offer you several valuable benefits:

🌐 Local servers
The best way to ensure fast load times for an audience in a specific country is to make sure that your web host has servers in the country you want to reach. This means if your primary audience is in India, you should choose a WordPress host who has servers in India. If your audience is spread across a continent or the entire globe, you can improve your global loading speed with a CDN.
👐 Local customer support
One of the biggest reasons to choose a WordPress host locally is the promise of local customer support, with support officials working in your time zone. This ensures that you can receive help during your business day. Some hosts may also offer customer support in languages other than English, which can be helpful if English is your second language.
💱 Plans for sale in local currency
Paying for services in your local currency is always easier, especially come tax time. The best WordPress hosts India allow you to purchase domains, hosting plans, and other services in rupees. Since these businesses are officially registered in India, you can also be sure that they’re following local regulations.
🇮🇳 Reviews from local business owners
A web host that offers great support to their American clients might not provide the same caliber of service to their Indian clients. Reviews from local business owners can tell you what service and support are like in your area. Make sure you actively seek them out during the research process. In short, the best WordPress hosts India provide a seamless experience for both website owners and website visitors in India.
🚦 Bandwidth / traffic
You probably won’t get an enormous flood of traffic right away, but you want a plan with enough bandwidth to accommodate a growing audience. For new websites, 10,000-25,000 visitors allowed per month is usually more than enough. Some website hosts offer unmetered bandwidth, which typically allows for significant growth but has strict rules around traffic spikes. In these instances, it is important to fully read the terms and conditions around traffic and bandwidth. You may also be able to get a rough estimate of the maximum traffic levels by speaking with a customer service representative.
📛 Free domain name
Many web hosts offer a free domain name with their first year of hosting. This reduces your setup costs by about $15. However, in most cases, you will need to renew your domain separately from your hosting plan after the initial period.
💯 Number of websites allowed
Most hosting plans only allow you to create one website, but some will let you build multiple sites. This can be useful if you want to create separate sites for different branches of your business.
😎 WordPress preinstalled
Any reputable web host will make it easy for you to put WordPress on your site, but WordPress hosting does one better, making sure WordPress is preinstalled on your site so you can dive right into customization.
With this out of the way, here’s a summary of what we covered about these top WordPress hosts for India-based businesses:

🏆 Best WordPress hosting India: the final verdict
Like most important decisions related to your website (and your business in general), the choice you make here should be based on your business’s unique needs. To help clarify things, take a look at this side-by-side comparison of the best WordPress hosting India:

Host Base price Bandwidth Email WordPress installed? Local servers? Local support?
Hostinger Rs. 79/month 100GB 1 account free ✅ ✅ ❌
Bluehost Rs. 199/month Unmetered Unlimited accounts ✅ ✅ ✅
BigRock Rs. 199/month Unmetered Unlimited accounts ✅ ✅ ✅
GoDaddy Rs. 99/month for first year (449/month upon renewal) Up to 25,000 monthly visitors One account free for first year ✅ ❌ ❌
A2 Hosting Rs. 208/month (Frequent sales occur) Unmetered Up to 25 accounts ✅ ❌ ❌
Based on these comparisons, Bluehost (👈 our pick) and BigRock Hosting are the best options for businesses whose customer base and/or staff is exclusively in India. These companies offer local servers and customer support, ensuring fast load times and seamless communication if you run into any trouble.

For high quality, balanced web hosting with an excellent email hosting service to boot, A2 Hosting is your best bet. And finally, if your main concern is building a website on a low budget, Hostinger is the ideal option for you.

Now that you’re already on your way to an ideal WordPress host for your customer base in India, you’ll probably want to launch an optimized website for them as well. If it’s a blog that you want to build then we have an entirely free 11-chapter guide on how to build a successful blog on WordPress. This is advice based on our experience of growing a blog from 0 to 250,000 monthly visitors. Check it out here. 👈

5 best #WordPress hosts in #India compared this year 🇮🇳

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best wordpress web host

Hostinger — Most Affordable WordPress Web Host
Visit Hostinger
Hostinger stands out for its low prices and stellar loading times.

How low? Hostinger’s current managed WordPress plan starts at just $1.99 per month for a single website—which is unbeatable compared to other web hosts out there. While that is promotional pricing, even the contract renewal price of $3.99 per month is very affordable.

But here’s the kicker: for just two dollars more per month (currently $3.99), you can build 100 websites along with 100 GB of SSD storage, free email, and unlimited bandwidth.

That’s right, for the price of a single cup of coffee each month, you’ll be able to host up to 100 websites. That’s an amazing deal.

Hostinger WordPress Pricing Plans
With their great prices, does that mean you’ll be sacrificing quality? Nope. In fact, you’re going to get solid uptime reliability with Hostinger.

Loading times are speedy According to their website, their server response time clocks in at around 43 milliseconds, which is very fast. To give you a comparison, that’s just 13 milliseconds “slower” than a lightning strike. In our testing, every Hostinger hosting type (shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting) averaged well under one second for loading.

Hostinger recently implemented a new feature for page speed insights, where you can measure your site’s speed and see its performance history with just one click. If you find that you want to improve your loading speed, the new server transfer feature will recommend what to do.

The company also recently added an advanced malware scanner and a WordPress staging tool so you can test changes without actually changing your entire live site.

Overall, this is a great web host if you want good prices with quality hosting. If you want to maximize the number of sites you can host at a low cost, get signed up with Hostinger today.

Bluehost — Best for Creating Your First WordPress Website
Visit BlueHost
Bluehost is a favorite for many because it is one of the three web hosts that WordPress officially recommends for people to use. That’s about as good of an endorsement as you can get for WordPress hosting.

The main reason people enjoy Bluehost? It’s simple to get started. Once you get started, you can install WordPress immediately and you’ll have your bare-bones site live within just 15 minutes. From there, you can follow our full guide on how to create a website so that you can get your site looking and functioning just the way you want it.

Another reason that Bluehost is a fan favorite is because it has millions of users, which means that the kinks and issues with setup and the continued hosting of websites has been worked out. In the rare case that you do run into an issue, help is just a call away. You can reach out 24/7 to Bluehost’s award-winning customer support team if you find yourself with any questions or concerns.

If that doesn’t have you convinced to try Bluehost, how about this: Bluehost has some of the lowest pricing around, with plans as low as $2.75/month. That’s incredibly cheap, especially for something that’s so reliable, trusted, and easy to use.

Bluehost offer page.
As such, they’re the perfect host to choose if you’re just starting out.

Yes, you will be on shared hosting. So, if you or someone else on your server gets a huge spike of traffic, your site could go down.

But, honestly, this almost never happens. I’ve had websites on shared hosting for over a decade and never had a site go down.

If and when you want to upgrade, Bluehost also offers managed WordPress hosting that starts at $9.95/month. Not the lowest price point I’ve seen, but it’s still one of the lowest-cost options out there for managed hosting.

The value you get from Bluehost can’t be beat. It’s powerful enough for most websites, and the service is widely recommended throughout the industry.

Bottom line: Bluehost is a great option for the vast majority of people reading this—but especially those who are just getting started.

GreenGeeks — Best For Eco-Friendly Website Owners
GreenGeeks logo
Visit GreenGeeks
If you want a shared hosting plan optimized for WordPress, GreenGeeks has you covered. With affordable rates, quick setup, and 24/7 live chat support, you will have everything you need to launch a professional WordPress website.

GreenGeeks has hundreds of WordPress-specific tutorials and information in their knowledge base. They also don’t charge extra fees for WordPress security, fast performance, or their 300% renewable energy match that makes them a carbon-reducing company.

GreenGeeks landing page with pricing information.
GreenGeeks really ups the security for WordPress sites. They monitor your site for malware and other threats and help clean your site if any issues occur. They also provide a free SSL certificate and automatically renew it for you every 90 days. And if you already have a WordPress site, you can move it over to GreenGeeks or let them migrate it for you for free.

As part of their managed WordPress hosting, every plan comes with free WordPress installation, migration, and automatic updates. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, free CDN, free backups, a free domain for one year, built-in caching, and WP-CLI and SSH access. If you have any issues or questions, users say the 24/7 live chat service is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly people who respond quickly.

The Lite plan starts at $2.95 per month, Pro is $5.95 per month, and Premium is $10.95 per month. All of these prices are based on a three-year commitment and every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Lite is for one website. Both Pro and Premium cover unlimited websites.

You can learn more about GreenGeeks managed WordPress hosting and get started here.

WP Engine — Best for Hosting Multiple WordPress Sites with Tons of Traffic
WP Engine
Visit WP Engine
For pros, I recommend WP Engine. It’s great for managed WordPress hosting.

In fact, WP Engine is what we use here at QuickSprout—and for very good reason. If you’re trying to get serious and build a high-traffic blog or business, it’s by far the best managed WordPress host out there.

But I don’t recommend it for anyone who’s just starting out, since it’s much more expensive. We’re talking between $30 to more than $100 each month versus a range of $4 to $15 with other products on my list.

Most WordPress sites would do much better with Bluehost or Siteground. You’ll save a lot of money and won’t be paying for WP Engine’s advanced features you don’t need.

For $23/month, paid annually, with their Startup plan, you can host one 10GB site with a limit of 25,000 monthly visitors. Their Professional tier of service is $56/month for three sites and 75,000 monthly visitors. If you get a spike in traffic and go over these traffic limits, you’ll get hit with overage fees.

WP Engine pricing page.
That might seem like a lot of money for fewer resources (especially when compared to services like Hostinger and Bluehost) but, remember, this is managed WordPress hosting.

As a managed host, WP Engine professionally maintains speed and security at the server level—meaning you don’t have to do anything to maximize performance on your end.

You don’t have to research and rely on plug-ins to shave seconds off your load time or become an expert on the best practices for building a lean site.

Nor do you have to carve out time to install and update your plugins, run backups, or implement security features to ward off brute force attacks. WP Engine takes care of it all behind the scenes.

The customer service is also excellent, with 24/7 support that includes trackable service tickets and a comprehensive knowledge base.

WP Engine’s support staff are WordPress experts, providing detailed answers to your questions and issues.

Every time I’ve had to reach out to their customer support, I’ve always been impressed. Their speed, thoroughness, and expertise are world-class.

Bottom line: WP Engine is an excellent solution if you want to get serious about growing your WordPress sites.

Nexcess — Best for Effortless Website Staging
Visit Nexcess
Nexcess, by Liquid Web, is a powerhouse designed to service other powerhouses, like if you’re an enterprise customer or are charged with manning multiple WordPress sites.

What I really love about Nexcess, though, is how easy they make it to stage a website. Their one-click staging tool allows you to easily create a facsimile of your website that you can edit and test to your heart’s content—without worrying that you’re screwing up the actual website.

They also offer a ton of great plans that make it easy to scale. Prices start at just $12.67 per month for one website (as long as you pay for the entire year up front). The discount for paying annually is equivalent to four months free versus paying month to month.

If you need more features than the lowest-priced tier provides, the cost jumps quite a bit—to $52.67 per month—but you get up to five sites and 40 GB storage with that plan. Nexcess calls its most popular plan the Designer tier, which offers up to 10 sites and 60 GB of storage for $72.67 per month.

In all, they offer six plans. The most expensive plan is the Executive tier, which provides up to 100 sites and 500 GB of storage. If you’re an agency or freelancer who plans to host websites for clients, one of the higher-end plans is a great solution for you.

Nexcess pricing plans
If you need more control but doing everything yourself through AWS isn’t appealing, then Nexcess is for you, too. You won’t have to do nearly as much setup and upkeep as AWS while still having a lot more control than other hosts give you.

It also automatically updates WordPress and your plugins. That’s fewer headaches for you and your team.

You’ll get all-level access to MySQL, SFTP, and SSH. You also get Git version control. Security, speed, and customer support are virtually unparalleled.

Nexcess is obviously not right for everyone. Small businesses should choose one of the other options, as Nexcess plans would be overkill.

For power users, though, Nexcess is the WordPress hosting that you’ve been looking for. Use coupon code QUICKSPROUT to get 40% off 2 months of any Nexcess hosting plan.

SiteGround — Best for Ecommerce Websites with Easy Site Migration
Visit Siteground
SiteGround is another of WordPress’ recommended web hosts. They offer incredibly affordable managed hosting solutions that are powerful as well.

Where they really shine is how easy they make it to:

Migrate to their host. Their free migrator tool lets you easily port your old website over to their website in just a few days time. No development or coding knowledge required.
Set up an online store. With the powerful combination of WordPress and WooCommerce, you’ll be able to set up an ecommerce site to start making money in a snap. Seriously, it just takes a few clicks.
I also like their advanced features for WordPress, like automatic updates and enhanced security on all the SiteGround plans. You’ll also get free daily backups. That’s an amazing deal for the lowest tier pricing.

This covers most of the problems you could run into, freeing up more of your time to focus on your business or project. You can read even more about their offered services in my complete SiteGround hosting review.

I recommend the StartUp plan. It gives you 10GB of space and up to 10,000 visitors for one site. This intro-level plan is $3.99/month for your first year (paid up front).

SiteGround pricing page.
You can boost your WordPress or WooCommerce site even further by going one step up to GrowBig. That lets you tap into SiteGround’s own Ultrafast PHP to speed up the visitor experience even more. Plus, you get the safety of on-demand copies of your site backups, all for $6.69 per month. The biggest plan is GoGeek for $10.69 per month with 40 GB web space, priority support, staging + Git, and ability to white-label clients.

All told, this is a great host for web stores on WordPress, ecommerce sites who want to switch to a better host, and anyone who wants solid security and easy site backups for their pages.

Get started with SiteGround today.

Flywheel — Best If You Want Experts to Migrate Your Site for You
Visit FlyWheel
Flywheel is a managed WordPress host that really puts the “support” in customer support.

They offer a great migration service that takes care of the often stressful process of site migration for you. They have a dedicated team that handles the entire process of moving your site to their web host so you don’t have to.

The best part: It’s absolutely free.

That’s right. They’ll take care of everything at no extra cost.

They’re also fantastic because of great features like “blueprints” that allow you to save customized themes and plugins you use over and over again.

You’ll also have 14 days on a free, password-protected demo site to show your work before having to pay. You can also easily transfer billing on any of your sites to a client.

That makes FlyWheel an excellent option if you’re an agency or freelancer working on client websites. If you build sites for clients, we highly recommend you start using Flywheel.

Flywheel offers a single-site plan with 5,000 monthly visitors and 5GB of disk space for $13/month. From there, you can scale up to a souped-up single-site plan for $25/month, or accomodate more sites in the two highest packages.

FlyWheel pricing page.
Bottom line: I’d use Flywheel if I were looking for a hassle-free migration experience and/or developing websites for clients.

If that sounds like you, go with Flywheel as your web hosting provider.

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