Best Web Hosting For Video Streaming

Now what is the best web hosting for video streaming? The answer is, it depends on your needs. There are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a web host for your videos. Bandwidth requirements, disk space, security, etc. I’ve also tried out a few web hosts myself, which brings me to my latest blog post where I review some of the best hosting plans I have found. If that sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out my latest blog post!

Best Web Hosting For Video Streaming

Streaming Video Hosting

Streaming Video Hosting
We’ve done some digging to find the best streaming video hosting services.
As we’ve covered, video content is very valuable in the professional world. However, due to their size, videos can be a pain to share, especially when you want to maintain their quality. Streaming video hosting providers offer a solution to this problem.

Professional video hosting solutions offer a multitude of features related to video production, including tools for editing, monetization, video analytics, video SEO, and more. To take this a step further, live video hosting platforms support broadcasting in real-time.

While there are a plethora of free video hosting solutions available, they are much more restricted than paid alternatives. Businesses and professional broadcasters are better off choosing a paid streaming video hosting for business solutions to reach their audiences.

Why Professionals Use Streaming Video Hosting
An online video is an engaging form of content that helps businesses, universities, and other professional organizations connect with members of their audience both near and far.

The reason that so many organizations are using professional video hosting for online streaming is that it is effective for keeping an audience engaged, increasing sales, and more. There are truly no limits when it comes to video.

Let’s take a look at some evidence that backs this up:

94% of marketers report that video helps their audience understand their offer more clearly
83% of brands that use video in their marketing strategies say that it is effective
Over three-fourths of people watch online video content each week, and over half of internet users watch online video content every day
Video content helps retain a brands message better than static content
69% of marketers that are not currently using video content plan start using it soon
For more data supporting the value of streaming video hosting for professionals, check out our live streaming statistics post.

Drawbacks of Free Streaming Video Hosting Solutions

streaming video hosting solutions
Why should you choose a paid solution over the multitude of free streaming video hosting solutions?
Many private individuals that create content use free streaming video hosting services. The most popular of these is YouTube Live.

However, these services simply aren’t suitable for broadcasting at the professional level for a few reasons. First and foremost, the majority of consumer-grade hosting services don’t offer the streaming server hosting features necessary for professional users.

Some drawbacks of free streaming video hosting solutions include:

The hosting site has rights to your published content
The video player has third-party branding
No control over ads (whether or not you want ads to appear on your video content)
Minimal customer service/tech support (which is crucial during live broadcasts)
Limited or no monetization options
Limited security options (e.g. secure video upload)
Limited integration and API options
Free video streaming services are simply not designed for a polished and professional end-user experience. If you are creating content for your business or professional organization, you are better off streaming with paid alternatives that offer white-label service that gives you brand control and monetizes your video in a truly professional manner.

In fact, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name videos as the type of content with the best ROI. Some companies are reporting triple-digit returns on their video investments.

With that context in mind, this article centers on professional streaming video hosting services, like Dacast. Read on for a complete comparison of video streaming hosting providers.

Key Features of Professional Streaming Video Hosting Providers
Before we dive into our streaming video provider’s comparison, let’s talk about some of the specific features that are valuable to professional broadcasters.

Digital video piracy costs the U.S. economy between $29.2 and $71 billion annually. To combat this reality, we’ll compare security features for each platform we review.

Some popular security features include:

Secure upload
Password protection
Domain restrictions
Geographic restrictions
Digital rights management
You want to ensure your videos are protected. Your videos have value, and it is important to protect that value. With security features, you can ensure no one hijacks your stream with other content or steals content you are monetizing for their own gains.

Worldwide OTT platform revenue was roughly $67.8 billion in 2018. That number is expected to rise to $210 billion by 2026. Therefore, any streaming video hosting service you choose should include monetization tools.

Three popular monetization methods for video content are ad-based, pay-per-view, and subscription-based.

Three popular monetization methods for video content are:

A quality video streaming host will offer you the ability to engage in all three monetization methods.

Ideally, they will support connecting with your own advertising network for ad-based monetization. For pay-per-view and subscription-based monetization, a platform should offer an integrated paywall, so you don’t have to work with a third-party app to monetize your video content.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
A full 63% of live stream viewers in 2017 cited buffering issues as the most serious problem they encounter. Furthermore, that figure represents an increase from the previous year.

Buffering is when you press play on a video, and it doesn’t load and starts playing right away. Buffering is what you experience when a video “freezes” when you are watching it. This is a serious issue that impacts the end-user experience.

CDNs help to resolve latency and buffering by eliminating bottlenecks in the system for the distribution of video content. CDNs help to reduce buffering by shortening the distance between the end-user and where the video content is stored. A quicker connection is one method for increasing video quality.

If you’re looking to stream video in China, for example, make sure your chosen video hosting service supports this, as well. Video streaming to China requires specific licenses and infrastructure and is a feature only a few platforms offer.

API Access
The last several years have seen the beginnings of the API economy. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, allow you to build custom apps, video platforms, workflows, and integrations.

These are key for many businesses to make use of the best web hosting for live video streaming.

Whether you have a fixed or infinite budget, the cost is always a factor when choosing among streaming video hosting solutions.

We’ll provide basic streaming pricing plan details for each platform below. Costs can vary widely from platform to platform, as can the features included in each plan level.

These are just a few of the features that you should pay attention to when comparing video streaming hosting providers. Make a list of the features that are most important for your business to determine which hosting service is right for you.

Top 20 Video Streaming Hosting Services: A Comparison
Here are a comparison and in-depth review of the top 20 streaming hosting providers that are equipped with the features that your business needs to broadcast professional-grade video content.

This list offers 17 professional-grade solutions and 3 consumer-grade alternatives that businesses find useful, as well.

  1. Dacast

Dacast Online Video Hosting Provider
Dacast is a powerful video hosting platform for live and on-demand content, which was designed for professionals.
Company Background:
Dacast offers online video services. It’s a comprehensive streaming solution that targets business professionals and enterprises. It offers features that everyone from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations needs in a streaming solution.

With so many features to support your streaming needs, it can take a bit of time to learn how to use Dacast. Dacast offers a complete knowledge base of articles and numerous video tutorials to make learning how to use the platform easy.

The platform is designed to be accessible to newbies and advanced broadcasters alike, so we’re sure you will be able to navigate the platform in no time comfortably!

Dacast also offers 24/7 customer support, so if you have questions or concerns, there is always someone standing by to help you!

Basic Functionality:
Dacast is a streaming platform for broadcasters that want to process and stream their videos with top-notch security, monetization, and professional distribution tools.

Key Features:
Dacast offers critical features that make this platform stand out from other streaming video hosting providers.

API access: Want to integrate your video player with your existing system or create a custom app? You can do that with player API access, and you can take your video experience to the next level with video API access.
Easy video monetization: Want to make money from your content? Dacast supports multiple video monetization options, allowing you to make money however you want with your video content.
Advanced analytics: The best way to improve your content is through feedback. Dacast offers advanced real-time analytics so you can see how you are doing at the moment with your videos.
Quality end-user experience: Dacast offers multiple tools that support a quality end-user experience, such as multi-bitrate streaming, adaptive bitrate streaming, and access to reliable top-tier live streaming CDNs.
Custom video experience: Create a custom video experience with white-label capabilities. Don’t have a website? Use Dacast’s Expo 2.0 galleries to create video portals that support an immersive video experience.
Quality Security: Keep your videos secure with AES video encryption, domain and geographical restrictions, digital rights management, and a full host of security features.
Top Benefits:
Working with Dacast as your video streaming hosting provider has many benefits.

Top-level tech support: All plans include access to 24/7 tech support, so no matter if you are on the biggest or smallest plan, you get access to email and live chat support.
All-inclusive pricing plans: Want to live stream and host videos on-demand? Dacast offers both options on all pricing plans, so you don’t have to choose the type of video content you want to create. There are plans for every budget and organization.
Mobile support: Worldwide, the most popular way to access the internet is through one’s mobile device, and Dacast understands that. You can live broadcast directly from your mobile phone and ensure quality content delivery to mobile device users watching your content.
No limits: When creating content, you don’t want to impose limits on yourself. Dacast offers unlimited viewers and live channels for your business.
China support: China has a population of over 1.7 billion people, and Dacast has the tools to support China video hosting and live streaming.
Custom video player: When live streaming, you can customize your HTML5 video player and embed the live stream directly on your website or social media channels.
One of the only drawbacks of using Dacast is that the platform does present a slight learning curve for new users. However, Dacast has many knowledge base articles, video tutorials, and a responsive support team to help get over this drawback.

Upload Guidelines and Specs:
Minimum dimension: none (but 240p is the recommended minimum)
Maximum dimension: 1080p or 4K (depends on the user’s hardware and internet)
Aspect ratio: no restrictions (but 16:9 is the default)
Max file size: none
Max video length: none
Total file storage: 10-1000GB (depends on plan)
Compatible video formats: MP4 (preferred), MOV, M4V, M2V, AVI, MPG, FLV, WMV, MKV, WEBM, OGV, MXF, ASF, VOB, MT
Dacast has multiple live streaming pricing plans. Here is a quick summary of all plans:

Starter Plan: $39/month (includes 1,000 GB of bandwidth & 50 GB of storage)
Event Plan: $63/month (includes 6 TB of bandwidth upfront and 50 GB of storage)
Scale Plan: $188/month (includes 24 TB of bandwidth per year and 1 TB of storage)
Custom plan: Contact us for custom pricing plans
The Starter plan is ideal for newcomers with 1,000 GB of bandwidth, and 50 GB of storage, at just $39 per month billed annually.

However, business users will likely want to use the popular Scale plan, which includes 24 TB of bandwidth with 1 TB of storage per year, for $188 per month billed annually.

This premium pricing plan adds phone support, monetization paywall, M3U8 links for live channels, ad insertion, white-label Cnames, and video API access. Additional bandwidth is available upon request for monthly plans.

Our online video services also have the Event plan, ideal for organizations that stream events once, occasionally, or on an irregular schedule, it includes 6,000 GB upfront with 50 GB of storage for $63 per month billed annually.

You can access this bandwidth for up to one year after purchase, making it an economical option for occasional event streamers.

Broadcasters can contact Dacast directly to learn more about custom-priced high-volume plans.

Please check out our calculator to discover the recommended plan for your needs.

Best Use Cases:
Live Event Streaming
Video On Demand Hosting
Streaming Video for Education
Enterprise Video Platform
Marketing Video Hosting
Video Prospecting For Sales

  1. Brightcove

Brightcove video hosting solution
With Brightcove’s video cloud, enterprise customers can create beautiful video experiences that inspire, engage, educate, and entertain. Source:
Company Background:
Brightcove has been in the video hosting game for almost two decades. They started offering video hosting to businesses in 2004, so they bring a lot of experience to the table. Marketing and monetization are the two video features that Brightcove focuses on.

Brightcove has users in over 70 different countries around the world. Some of them include BBC, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Ford, and Masterclass.

Their features are tailored for users who want to integrate video content into their marketing, advertising, and communication software.

Basic Functionality:

Brightcove is a video marketing and enterprise video suite, designed to work smoothly in all of your marketing and ad campaigns. It also has a cloud video platform and video player capabilities.

Key Features:
Video monetization: Want to make money with your videos? Brightcove supports multiple monetization efforts. They can help you set up your video advertisements, and they support other monetization methods. For subscription and payment-based monetization, they offer integrated global payment models.
Live events: Brightcove supports live events of all sizes. They also support 24/7 streaming, so if you want to create a 24/7 channel, you can do that with Brightcove.
App integration: Extend the functionality of Brightcove with app integration, such as the Adobe Experience Manager video integration app, Salesforce Pardot, or CaptionHub.
Corp TV: Corp TV is a new feature that allows you to turn your corporate videos into a premium streaming platform experience. CorpTV allows for consistent training programs and communication across your channels.
PlayTV: Need to know how to create better content? Check out PlayTV, where you can get tips, ideas, and inspiration 24/7.
Brightcove offers some top benefits that make its platform stand out.

Video Editing: Need to edit your video? Use Brightcove’s comprehensive editing tools.
Customer support: Need some help? Brightcove has a responsive customer support team.
Easy-to-use interface: Creating and managing video content shouldn’t be hard; with Brightcove, it isn’t.
Privacy & Security: You don’t want to share all videos with the world, especially internal training and communication videos, which is why Brightcove offers robust privacy and security settings.
Good audience insights: You can view data on conversions, lost customers, and engagement. You can also segment your audiences and view their analytics separately.
The biggest cons of Brightcove is that reporting is limited, which means you may not get the analytics and information you need to drive your video content forward. It’s also quite difficult to set up custom reports.

If you want 24/7 support, you have to pay for it; it isn’t a part of all plans. The UI of this video streaming provider is outdated, and you might have to spend some time learning where all the features are.

Additionally, if you haven’t used the platform before, you may experience a bit of a learning curve when you start.

Upload Guidelines and Specs:
Minimum dimension: Determined by user
Maximum dimension: Determined by user
Aspect ratio: No restrictions (since Brightcove uses a responsive player)
Max file size: No limits on files size
Max video length: No published limits
Total file storage: Varies by plan
Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GPP
Since Brightcove mainly targets enterprise-level clients, they offer several custom-priced streaming plans at high price points.

The three pricing tiers include:

Starter: includes 50 to 200 videos, up to 100,000 plays, and 2-5 users
Professional: unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays, and no overage plays, with +10 users
Enterprise: unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays, and no overage plays, with 10+ users, unlimited upload, and analytics-only users
Interested broadcasters can contact their sales department to receive a quote or sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Best Use Cases:
Live Streaming Sports
Live Event Streaming
Streaming Video for Sales
Enterprise Video Hosting
Marketing Video Hosting

  1. Wistia

wistia streaming video hosting
Wistia is a top-of-the-line video hosting service with an equally hefty price tag. Source:
Company Background:
Wistia is a streaming video hosting service focused on helping businesses with marketing through videos.

Wistia’s top marketing features include annotation links, email, and integrated CTAs. Wistia’s video engagement tools help you capture and convert leads through video content.

Basic Functionality:
Wistia’s basic functionality is the creation, management, and streaming of video or audio content shared for marketing purposes.

Key Features:
Video creation and editing tools: You can utilize soapbox, Wistia’s browser-based screen recorder, to record your screen for video creation. They also offer some basic editing tools, such as trimmers, to increase the quality of your videos.
Custom video player: You want your brand front and center with marketing videos. You can design your video player to match the feel of your brand with Wistia’s custom video player. They even have an “Up Next” feature to keep people engaged with the content you can add to your video player.
Cloud-based content management system: When you start producing videos regularly, you need a way to keep things organized. Wistia offers a cloud-based CMS so your team can easily manage your video content.
Video analytics and SEO: Wistia offers SEO features to help ensure your embedded videos get the traffic they need to benefit your business. They also provide video analytic tools to drive your marketing efforts.
CRM integration: Integrate Wistia with your CRM to make managing customer relationships easier.
Top Benefits
Various calls to action: A marketing video aims to get people to act. With Wistia’s various CTA tools, you can integrate a wide range of CTAs into your videos.
Automated SEO: Don’t stress over how to optimize your content for search engines; Wistia offers automated SEO tools
No Advertisements: Want to create an ad-free experience? You can easily do that for your viewers.
Custom branding: Customize the video experience to match your brand’s look and feel.
Channels and subscribers: You can create all the custom channels you need, and your viewers can subscribe to your content, allowing them to get notifications when you add new content.
If you use Wistia’s free plan or one of their smaller paid plans. Many users also experience some road bumps with customization options within the platform.

The project folder structure of this video streaming provider isn’t the best, and you might face glitches trying to move videos between folders. Its customizations are limiting for advanced users who want to make the interface for Wistia the same as their business website.

Also, it lies on the pricier end of the online video services spectrum if you have high traffic.

Upload Guidelines and Specs:
Minimum dimensions: None
Maximum dimensions: Maximum of 4K (3840 x 2160)
Supported aspect ratios: Any
Maximum file size: 8 GB
Maximum video length: 2 hours
Total file storage: Up to 10 videos with the pro plan ($99 per month), $0.25 per month for every extra video
Accepted video formats: MP4 (recommended format), .MOV, .AVI, .WMV, .FLV, .MKV, 3GPP
Wistia has three pricing plan tiers.

Free: No cost to use; up to 250 subscribers and 3 videos; cannot remove Wistia’s branding from the video player
Pro: $99/month; 10 free videos with additional videos for $0.25/each; white-label video player
Advanced: custom pricing; 100 free videos with additional videos for $0.25/each; multiple channels, 250+ subscribers
Best Use Cases:
Live Event Streaming
Streaming Video for Sales
Enterprise Video Hosting
Marketing Video Hosting

  1. JW Player

JWPlayer streaming video hosting
JW Player had a role in the creation and development of Youtube. Source:

Company Background:
JW Player was originally a video player that shared some of its code with the original Youtube video player. However, the platform has since evolved to include VOD hosting, and live streaming. While JW is a solid platform and a great video player, it has a few noteworthy drawbacks.

JW Player is very affordable, and its features reflect that. It is a viable option if you are on a budget and are prepared to make do with extremely limited capabilities.

Nevertheless, some of its prominent clients include AccuWeather, EuroSport, Insider Inc., Vice, and Fox.

Some of the industries this streaming video provider serves include:

Faith and Religion
Online Courses/ e-learning
Basic Functionality:
JW Player is a live streaming service with limited services and capabilities. However, it is known for its low price points and magnificent customer service.

Key Features:
Tokenized access and DRM support
Designed for firms of all sizes
Powerful analytics
Ad optimization
Video distribution management
Features, such as recommended videos from your library, to keep users on your platform and engaged in your content for longer.
Integrations for advertising monetization
Auto converts video for different devices
Simple user interface
Very affordable
Great customer service
Excellent sales support
Live streaming via API is currently not supported
Live events are limited to 5 hours duration
Does not support subscriptions or pay-per-view
No closed captioning
No screen sharing
Uses internal VOD streaming server hosting for content delivery
Upload Guidelines and Specs:
Minimum dimension: 360p (640 x 360)
Maximum dimension: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 2.39:1
Max file size: 25GB
Max video length: Not available
Total file storage: 25GB to 500GB (depends on the plan)
Compatible video formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV
JW Player has pricing plans which range from free, with a non-commercial license paid and numerous benefits and features, to paid ones.

Their pricing packages include:

Free trial: JW Player offers a 30-day free trial subscription which includes full API and SDK access, a non-commercial license, 25 GB hosting bandwidth, and 75 GB streaming.
Starter plan: At $10 per month, the Starter pricing plan includes an HTML5 Video Player, a video gallery, with 150 GB hosting bandwidth, and 500 GB streaming (50,000 plays) per month (billed annually).
Enterprise plan: these business-specific plans are available with custom pricing for high-volume storage and streaming. Enterprise plans support live streaming, while lower-tier plans only support VOD.
Best Use Cases:
Streaming Video for Sales
Enterprise Video Hosting
Marketing Video Hosting

  1. Kaltura

kaltura professional video hosting platform

Kaltura is known for its Cloud Hosting and TV capabilities. Source:

Company Background:
Kaltura is an Israeli video hosting service that serves clients around the world.

Like other streaming video hosting services, Kaltura supports both live video and VOD. However, it does have some differences from other platforms as well. For example, Kaltura offers a unique ecosystem of services aimed at large institutions like universities.

Basic Functionality:
Kaltura’s cloud video hosting service is video management. It is most commonly used for educational purposes for both employees and students in schools.

It is perfect for online and in-person training. Many use Kaltura to host webinars.

Key Features:
Various security features for the Kaltura OVP include password protection, encryption, and watermarking
Three main options for monetizing OTT video: advertising, subscriptions, and one-time transactions
Cloud TV service
Video looping capabilities
Closed captioning for accessibility
Several monetization options
Popular for both internal business use and education use
Easily accessible for viewers
Allows bulk uploading
Customer support is available through chat, email, or 24/7 live phone call
Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Android, and Apple devices
Supports interactive live streams, which are great for teachers
The video streaming platform performs well with media-rich resources on desktop
“Bring-your-own CDN” platform, which entails additional cost and complexity
Slow uploading and processing
Requires a bit of a learning curve
User interface is less intuitive, especially on iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs
The transcript automation features are not the best
Upload Guidelines and Specs:
Minimum dimension: 180p (320 x 180)
Maximum dimension: 1080p (1920x 1080)
Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3
Max file size: 2GB
Max video length: Not available
Total file storage: 10GB to Unlimited (depends on the plan)
Compatible video formats: MOV, MP4
Kaltura’s pricing is based on usage in terms of bandwidth and features. They offer both annual and pay-as-you-go pricing.

You can pay for what you use each month, but if you want to buy credits in bulk at a discounted rate, these commitments start at $5,400 and are billed monthly. Kaltura also offers free trials.

Best Use Cases:
Live Event Streaming
Streaming Video for Sales
Enterprise Video Hosting
Marketing Video Hosting

best video streaming server open source

What is a Video Streaming Server?

The server software that provides and manages the video media content remotely called Video Streaming Servers.  Not all the video players can work with the video streaming servers instead of that it needs a perfect video player that can work with the remote servers to buffer and play it without downloading such as VLC. This method also protects the publisher to protect their content from piracy. Video media server utilizes particular calculations to pack the media document or information for exchange over the system or Internet association.

What is Video Streaming?

Video streaming is a sort of media streaming in which a user can stream the videos saved on the Video streaming servers. The user can use its local player or web player to stream the media files from remote video streaming servers through the internet or local network. Such servers allow watching videos without being downloaded on a local desktop machine or Smartphone.

For example, YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu these are all video on demand sites where you can watch video free or after subscription. These big names use the Video streaming servers for creating Video on demand (display) (VOD) call. VOD allows users to select and watch videos or listen to audio content such as music, movies and TV shows whenever they want rather waiting for some specific broadcast time.

There are dozens of free and open-source video streaming servers available online to stream and share videos. Today, we have listed the best ones in this article. Also, these media streaming servers are enterprise-class and can handle the streaming at large scale.

Best Free & Open source Video Streaming Servers Software

Red5 Open source media server

red5 opensource video streaming server

Red5 is an open source media server available in both Open source and paid licensed versions. It gives support for all kinds of live streaming. This design of this media server is very flexible and can enhance the capability using the simple plugins. The plugin architecture also allows for customization of virtually any VOD and live streaming scenario.

There are few big names like Amazon and Facebook using the Red5 video streaming server solution. Red5 is now used for live streaming beyond Flash including HLS, WebSockets, and RTSP. As part of the Google Summer of Code, the Red5 team is currently building support for WebRTC to enable streaming in the browser without a plugin.

MistServer Open Source

MistServer Open Source Video Streaming Servers

MistServer Open Source edition of MediaServer Pro edition but there are no software limitations in the Open source version. The only difference between the pro and opensource Miniserver edition is the features. The free open source media server edition has fewer features than the pro version. The open source version is On the fly stream repackager, comes with browser-based management interface, low footprint high-performance, modular design, low latency, Multiplatform, Smart HTML5 meta player, API, Stream meta-data, and Basic analytic integration.

Some other features:

  • Stream password protection
  • Fast boot times
  • One set of binaries per customer,
  • Live inputs: RTMP single bitrate
  • VoD input: FLV, MP3, Video Output: MP4, HLS, RTMP (single bitrate), MPEG-TS (unicast), HDS, FLV, MP3, OGG,
  • Stream analyzers: RTMP, MP4, RTMP, OGG, FLV, DTSC
  • Video codecs:  H264, Flash, Theora
  • Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Flash, Vorbis
  •  Standard support

Supported operating systems: Unix, Solaris, Linux x86, Linux x86_64, Linux ARM, Linux MIPS, OS X, Windows 64 bits.

Kurento Media server

Kurento Media server Webrtc open soruce streaming server for windows, Linux and MAc

Kurento is an Open source WebRTC media server. This support both audio and video and also offers a set of client APIs which allows the developer to create advanced video applications for WWW and smartphone platforms. Kurento Media Server features include group communications, transcoding, recording, mixing, broadcasting and routing of audiovisual flows.

The Kurento Audio/ Video streaming server provides media processing capabilities involving computer vision, video indexing, augmented reality and speech analysis. Kurento can easily integrate third-party media processing algorithms such as speech recognition, sentiment analysis, face recognition, etc.

Streamhash– Netflix Clone Free Lite version

Streamhash- Netflix Clone Free Lite version Video Streaming Servers

Streamhash has the ability to create subscription-based Video-on-demand streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime or video streaming like Youtube or Live Video Streaming like Facebook Live.

The Streamhash three products or scripts:

StreamView: It is a Netflix Clone Script and ability to create like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

StreamNow: This product gives the capability to create a Live Streaming video option just like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. You can create Live streaming ads to generate profits.

StreamTube: It is a YouTube clone script to create a website like YouTube or Vimeo. The user can signup, upload videos and allow to generate easy revenue using Video ads and Banner Ads.

It offers three versions Free Lite, ($699)Ultimate and ($199) Deluxe. The lite version is for the lifetime and comes with basic features mentioned below:

StreamView Free Version Features: 

  • 100% source code
  • Web Script
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Dynamic Admin Panel
  • Responsive Frontend
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Track number of users
  • Add / Edit pages
  • Google Analytics

Clipbucket: Enterprise OpenSource Video Broadcasting Solution

Clipbucket Enterprise OpenSource Video Broadcasting Solution

ClipBucket is an OpenSource Multimedia Management Script which lets you manage Videos, Photos & Audios from one platform. You can create websites sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe, Veoh, Hulu or any other.

It is one of the most popular to create YouTube-like clone website. It also offers internal management systems that allow users to communicate and send messages via a built-in messaging service. Clipbucket Video streaming server offers advanced modules like FFMPEG to make on fly Video Conversions.  So, users can stream it straight away using HTML 5 Players.

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software)

Creating videos and presenting them on YouTube or Facebook is relatively easy. The transmission of live streams on the Internet is more demanding. The free program “OBS Studio” (formerly “Open Broadcaster Software”) is suitable for this. For example, you can use the current desktop content or the signal of your webcam, record a game via game mode and local MP4, MOV, FLV, TS or MKV videos, MP3, AAC, OGG – or use WAV sounds and an external video source. Text screens and images can also be integrated. You also have the option of using the blue screen technique (colour key), masking and transitions.

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software)
OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) Live streaming server software

The “OBS Studio” also records the associated sound or enables the use of external audio hardware, such as a microphone. Up to five audio sources (three microphones/aux sources and two audio files) can be recorded in parallel.

This open source Live streaming server for audio and video supports a number of streaming platforms such as Twitch, Dailymotion, YouTube, Smashcast, Facebook and Furthermore, alternatively, we can send directly via your own server. For fast work, we can control all important actions with hotkeys, for example starting a stream or recording or switching off a microphone.  The auto-configuration wizard is practical for beginners.


  • How to Live stream games on Youtube using OBS software
  • Install OBS Studio 23.0.1 on Ubuntu
  • How to live stream your gameplay on Facebook using OBS and NDI Tools

It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server open source video streaming server

Plex Media Server comes with two components: Plex Media Server and Plex clients. The Plex Media Server is a desktop application and gives the Windows, Linux and macOS compatibility. Also, some NAS devices offer in-built Plex Media server option to turn the NAS server into an Audio/image/video streaming server. You can also install the Plex cloud on without any hardware on Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Even the Plex Media Server can run on NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 Wireless. Install Plex on Windows 10 with just one command.

This client-server offer client for almost every platform to play the media. The clients available for mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming boxes, a web app, and the Plex Home Theater. See: Install Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04 -Simplest method

openflixr 2

OpenFLIXR Media Server all in on video srteaming server

OpenFLIXR Media Server is a full-fledged all-in-one media server that can handle the videos, images, and audios. You can install it on any virtual machine like VirtualBox, VMware, ESXi, Parallels Desktop, KVM or Microsoft Hyper-V. It brings some well-known open-source project together such as CouchPotato, SickRage, Headphones, and SABnzbd. Completely web-based and includes monitoring and management tools. It also features Plex Media Server as well as torrent. Install it on VirtualBox


Opencast video streaming server for recrding and distributing event videos

Opencast is video streaming server but for corporate events. It lets you recorded any video or event schedule on specific days and times of the week and distribute it to different channels.


  • Split-screen player for viewing video and slide content simultaneously
  • Heat maps integration to get most watched video analytics
  • REST APIs make it easy to extend to or integrate players
  • Easy player interface customization and localization
  • Customizable permissions settings
  • User directory integration (LDAP, CAS etc.)
  • Adaptive Streaming support with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • And more…

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