Best Web Hosting For Speed

If you want to know what is the best web hosting for speed, the first thing is to compare all kinds of cheap web hosting. Today there are some new trends in website hosting so I can also show you some interesting offers like cheap dedicated servers where you can host your game server if you need one for your game or a specific app that no one has heard about yet (but it will be a huge success and make you very rich, right?).

Best Web Hosting For Speed

Why Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is often referred to as a “dream word” for hosting companies that is used to mark up their cheap shared hosting services in the guise of something more premium; however, this isn’t entirely truthful.

Managed hosting is a premium service with performance optimizations and additional features specifically tailored for Content Management Sytems such as WordPress.

You typically get more dedicated resources with a more streamlined experience with managed hosting. This environment makes managing your server easier and saves you valuable time.

On the other hand, shared hosting is used by companies to capture new clients in the hopes of upselling additional services. Shared hosting servers are small, constrained, and easily outgrown.

And when you outgrow your shared hosting plan, c

ompanies push to lock you into their overpriced VPS plans so they can make up for selling you that cheap shared hosting plan.

And generally speaking, managed hosting doesn’t cost much more than traditional shared hosting, so it’s a no-brainer. Do yourself a favor and skip the shared hosting unless you’re on a REALLY tight budget; then, by all means, do whatever you want.

Just be cautious of hosts marking up their cheap shared hosting servers under the guise of “managed” hosting. This is a scam.

Research Methods and Criteria

During my research, I kept stumbling on reviews that didn’t tell me much more than I could already conclude from that specific host’s website. And then there were the lists that clearly favored certain hosts with the highest affiliate commissions.

I wanted to be more transparent about everything, so I outline all of my research, discoveries, insights, benchmark data, and final thoughts so that you can get a complete unbiased picture of each host.

I’m not just posting facts and screenshots from their website to reiterate everything that is already right in front of your face.

What do those reviews even tell you? How many cores each plan gives you? How the f*ck does that help you make a decision any better than you looking at it yourself, ON THEIR WEBSITE!

What’s worse is that those types of reviews are deceptive in 

that they are designed to make even bad hosts like HostGator look good because, after all, we just want that affiliate commission, amirite?

Of course, I’m right, but there isn’t one ounce of my being willing to paste an affiliate code for a sh*tty web host like Bluehost on my blog.

Don’t be fooled by those web host reviews that regurgitate information before collecting in on that paycheck, whether or not they even like them.

I mean, would you even consider a web hosting provider after you’ve seen 100 BBB complaints filed against them? I wouldn’t, so why would I waste my time “reviewing” them just to f*ck over innocent people simply looking for a reliable host? That’s absolutely pathetic, and I would feel horrible for doing that.

Web Hosting Comparison for the Speed Obsessed (19 Ranked) | bluehost bbb rating

So then, which web host is the best?

Let me start out by saying that it isn’t all about hosting speed. There are charts scattered around the internet declaring so and so web hosts as the best because they have the fastest TTFB (Time to First Byte) and load time. But there are other more important metrics to consider, such as Time to Interactive.

And sure, speed is important, but 12ms isn’t worth getting hacked, losing your data, being locked out of your account, dealing with incompetent support, wasting your time with clunky interfaces, getting double-billed, hit with unexpected renewal charges, getting bullied, and being completely ignored altogether.

When considering which managed WordPress web host you should choose, there are many other factors to consider, such as price, value, support quality, uptime, features, control panels, ease of use, security, and server stability.

So, I don’t just look at performance data. Instead, I take a more holistic approach to my comparison evaluations. I tried to weed out hosts with poor reputations and user experience (like Bluehost).

I have my benchmarking tools ready and my ears to the scanner!

I’ve conducted significant research on hundreds of hosts, looking through thousands of reviews and peeping through Facebook groups, forums, and comment sections to find the best web hosting service.

There must be several hundreds of active affiliate cookies on my computer for HostAdvice alone, haha.

When looking at a web host, I try to find patterns between reviews across different networks to establish credibility with them. If I find an outlier review, I generally discard those because I understand that nobody is perfect and that mistakes do happen. That or it’s a false claim from a competitor.

I keep a keen eye open for web hosting service providers who genuinely value their customers.

During my investigations, I will look at support responses to customer feedback. I like to see web hosts taking responsibility for their mistakes, and I weigh that heavily in my evaluations because customer support is extremely important to me.

It’s disappointing when a web host neglects customer feedback, leaving them hanging and mistreated. I truly don’t want to see any of my readers in this situation.

I also look for expert opinions from systems administrators or web designers who have dealt extensively with particular hosts. While I value their opinions, they are not always the deciding factor.

How to Compare Web Hosts

When comparing web hosts, there are several features to pay close attention to:

Price and Value

Disk Space


Number of Websites

Domain Registration

Server Locations

Customer Support

Speed & Performance

Unique Features

Some hosts offer “unlimited bandwidth,” meaning that there are no restrictions on the amount of traffic and bandwidth used (within reason). Some hosts impose bandwidth limits and charge for overages, which might not be ideal, depending on your budget.

Specifically for me, I’m looking for a managed web host with U.S server locations that also meet the below criteria:

Fast, responsive, and stable servers

Good customer AND technical support

Has a decent social presence

Solid reviews across multiple websites

No scandals or red flags!

My quest for the best WordPress hosting will be comprised of two stages: a background check and a performance test. So, if you’re ready, let’s go!

Web Hosting Review Comparison

After scouring the web for all the best hosting candidates, I analyzed each one according to the above criteria. To provide the best web hosting comparison, I posted all of my research and findings here.

This section provides lots of tidbit information related to my decision; however, If you could care less, I don’t blame you, but I do recommend you read it.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Japan, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, Canada.

This is the smallest, least-known web host on this list (which is often a good thing). Templ has data centers worldwide and is one of the few web hosts I found that use Google’s Cloud CDN. Just let them know you’d like to use it, and they’ll switch it on for you.

I couldn’t find any bad reviews, and I found their support to be exceptionally knowledgeable and quick to answer all of my questions. I contacted them by email with a list of questions and got a speedy reply. The only downside is that they are not using Litespeed, which isn’t a big con for me.

They also have a generous 10-day free trial; no credit card is required. I highly recommend everyone at least check them out. You might find yourself right at home.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Netherland, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Korea, China, Sweden.

Although Cloudways is technically a VPS hosting provider, I’ve added them in as another control because of their popularity and good reviews.

I’m not particularly looking to migrate to a VPS, but I like how they’ve integrated their custom control panel with many popular virtual private servers. It’s actually pretty smart and a one-of-a-kind solution.


Data Centers: USA.

This small web hosting company resonates really well with me. They were formed in 2007 and are very open about who they are and their mission.

The value here is absolutely incredible. They provide extremely fast managed cloud hosting with cPanel using LiteSpeed servers

 and offer unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage on all of their plans!

My favorite feature of MDDHosting is that they give you the control to upgrade your RAM and CPU right in their control panel. No need to open a ticket or deal with support.

The CEO Michael Denney is a great guy and truly appreciates his customers. He answered my support tickets in a timely fashion and helped me enable Litespeed crawlers on the account for testing purposes. Denney goes above and beyond to help everyone he can. MDDHosting’s customer support is top-notch.

I found some negative reviews out there, but Denney takes full responsibility and is always sincerely apologetic in his replies. Check out his Facebook and HostAdvice for similar responses.

Looking closely, you will see Denney responding very professionally to a few eggheads that either confused them with another hosting provider, made false claims, or were extremely rude and abusive towards them.

Nevertheless, Denney is always very professional with his replies and never blames the customer for his failures.

I really want to throw him a shoutout for upholding such high integrity. This sort of behavior is almost non-existent in any industry.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, Bahrain, Australia, Netherlands.

Verpex is a fast-growing web host company that launched in late 2018 and is quickly becoming a significant contender in the web hosting service arena.

I found one particular individual who apparently can’t see very well posting a negative review on Whtop and their TrustPilot page and another having trouble after merging with Shark Hosting, which seems to have been resolved.

Other than that, I could only find solid reviews on HostAdvice. It took me some time to find their Facebook page as it doesn’t seem to be listed on their website, but at least it’s active.

Their managed WordPress hosting plans are a bit pricier than other hosts on this list, but I was intrigued by the fact that it is powered by Kubernetes, a well-respected container orchestration platform.


This medium-sized host launched in 2019 and is coming up really fast! HostArmada has exceptional reviews with virtually no bad reviews, which I admittedly do find a bit odd.

They are on the first page of HostAdvice with 230+ reviews, at the top of the “Best web hosting” list on TrustPilot with 260+ reviews, and also have 68 reviews on Google. All good.

According to my research, using tools such as Semrush, Spyfu, and Alexa, they must get somewhere between 20 and 60 thousand hits per day.

As with all hosts, I’m confident if people were unsatisfied with them, there would be some evidence of it somewhere. At this point, though, not one bad review would sway my decision.

I saw many reviews mention their

great support, which is actually what I noticed during my time with them as well.

They have an amazingly fast support system that includes tickets, phone, and live chat. I asked them a question from their home page around 11:30 pm while drinking some wine and was greeted instantly!

I also like how they have their faces right there on their website. You can find interviews with them around the web, so you know it’s actually them. I like how they stand proudly behind their service.

Additionally, Hostarmda offers dedicated hosting starting at $111.75/month, which is an excellent deal for anyone looking for dedicated resources.


Data Centers: USA, Netherlands.

Hostround was founded in 2016 and has excellent reviews everywhere you look, including HostAdvice, Whtop, and Serchen. They also have LiteSpeed servers and cPanel at an affordable price, making for a great recipe.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Romania, Singapore, Japan, India.

Regarding company size, we’re moving into the happy medium here. Chemicloud was founded in 2016 as well but is very well established. They take customer support VERY seriously and are one of the most squeaky clean web hosts around.

They have TONS of 5-star reviews between HostAdvice and Trustpilot. I scoured the web in search of negative reviews but ultimately found nothing. There is, however, an unfounded racist comment claim

on HostAdvice, which is somewhat hard to believe, to be honest.

Interestingly, they’ve replied to almost every customer feedback on TrustPilot. I like how they take the time to show their appreciation.

Curiously, I went through many of the reviewer profiles and couldn’t find any reason to believe they were fake. If you have some insights on this, 

let me know in the comments below!


Data Centers: USA, India.

Very cheap shared hosting with solid reviews, cPanel, and LiteSpeed servers. Looks quite promising.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Singapore.

Next up, we have A2Hosting, a very popular web host often compared to SiteGround. I didn’t find much to not like about them except that they are using Plesk for their managed WordPress hosting, which is a plus for some.


Data Centers: USA, Bulgaria.

I found ScalaHosting while searching through TrustPilot. They have many

great reviews on HostAdvice, Serchen, and their Facebook page. They’re a few negative reviews, but not enough to sway me from checking them out. I’m particularly interested in their managed VPS with their custom sPanel.


Data Centers: USA, Netherlands.

A very promising host with great reviews. The pricing looks good, and they use cPanel, which is nice.


Data Centers: USA, UK, Australia.

WPX was founded in 2013 and was designed to change the hosting industry. They use their own custom CDN I just had to check out. Each plan also comes with free enterprise-level DDoS protection, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

hosting speed test

Things you need to know about Fast Hosting Speed and Loading time:

 You only have 3 Seconds to catch your User’s attention! Speed is Key!

How to test hosting speed

With Modern Technology today, did you know that you have only three seconds to catch your user’s attention on the internet? After three seconds the user will either close your page or website or look for an alternative. You don’t want to lose business just because of loading time and definitely not to your competition. Site abandonment is due to the fast paced world we live in. We expect everything to be instant and right now.

When choosing a web hosting service you have to check the Web hosting Speed as well, you don’t want your users or clients to abandon your website before they even know what you have to offer. You must make sure that you check hosting speed before signing up.

Sometimes it is even worthwhile to spend a little more money on your monthly hosting to guarantee fast hosting speed. This can make all the difference when selling a service or product to clients. Fast hosting Speed can be the difference between a site visitor and an actual sale. There are so many websites on the World Wide Web today that you need to make sure yours stands out. You don’t want to be just another site amongst the billions.

Your visitors need the super fast loading time to get hooked. Once hooked- the journey to turning them into customers is not that far off.

Things to consider:

  • Finding out which is the fastest web hosting provider is extremely difficult. Basic tests such as server response times only measure the speed of the first response from the server. Site speed from a user point of view is more about page load time and this is affected by many different things such as:
    1. The size of the page
    2. Amount of images
    3. Amount and weight of videos
    4. Server configuration
    5. Coding

All these need to be noted and cared for as well. How fast your site loads also depends on how you set up your website. You may find that moving forward you may want to change images and videos to lighter images and videos in order to help the site load faster.

  • Google actually takes loading time into consideration when giving you ranking. Google will provide higher ranking to fast loading sites and lower the ranking of slow loading sites. Google will also give slow loading sites lower Adword scores and sometimes higher costs.
  • With faster hosting you will probably get more page views, longer user visits and more return visits. All these will increase your sales and outreach at the end of the day.

 Reading Reviews and testing Hosting SpeedTop Hosting reviews

When choosing a company to host your websites checking the hosting speed has to be one of your main concerns. Knowing that you only have three seconds- you have to make sure that your site loads fast. Reading reviews on hosting speeds of the different web hosting companies or platforms, will help you make a learned decision as well as using our Web Hosting Speed Test. We have created the perfect tool for you to test hosting speed. We call it the Web Hosting Speed Test. You can also check out our user reviews on the reviews page. The reviews page is organized so that the top contenders are at the top and you can scroll down for more.

Ongoing Speed test management

You should be testing your hosting speed at least every two weeks, (if not every day), to make sure everything is working well. This is a crucial part of Site Management and you don’t want to ignore this. We have developed the perfect tool for you to stay on top of this issue. It literally takes just a few seconds and you know if you are in the clear and can continue business as usual.

All you need to do to use the Web Hosting Speed Test, is select your hosting provider and the server location and you have all the information you need to move forward and make your decisions. To obtain the most accurate result when measuring the response time of a server, we recommend choosing one of the regions where you’re located at the time of measuring ping. This helps to determine the parameters of the speed test greatly. The smallest number on the dial indicates fast server response, while a larger number reflects a slow response speed.

Note the additional tab labeled “Statistic”; here you can view the statistic of automatic measurement of pings for a selected period of time.

So get started by reading the reviews and testing the speed of the Web Hosting Companies you are interested in. Once you have made your choice don’t forget to go get your discount coupon from our coupon page.

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