Best Web Hosting For India

India has one of the fastest growing IT industries in the world. Many startups are built here and many are improving their services working in India. You might have a new startup in India or you have decided to take your e-commerce to India, these tips might be useful for you:

Best Web Hosting For India

Lightning Fast Speeds
With Cloudways, you get to experience extremely swift website speeds with almost no downtime!

Exceptional Load Handling
Cloudways is one of the best when it comes to load management. Even with numerous requests, it maintains a stable response time with zero HTTP failures.

The uptime of Cloudways has been a solid 99.99% in the last 332 days. Even the cheapest server of Digital Ocean provides 99.99% uptime, which is really impressive.

Global Data Centers
Because it partners with unmanaged hosting companies like Linode, AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Vultr, you get access to 65+ data center locations spanning the globe!

Managed Cloud Servers
With Cloudways you get access to Managed cloud servers which comes with ease of use. Everything from backups to server management, apps installation, updates, and resource monitoring is just one click away!

Easy Scalability
It is an extremely flexible service so you can increase or decrease your server’s capacity as per spikes in your website traffic.

Good Support
Their live chat support is quick and responsive. Along with that, their support team is technically well-versed, and offers precise solutions for my queries.

Monthly Pricing Options
You get the ‘Pay as you Go’ pricing model with Cloudways. This means that you only need to pay for what you use. They also offer monthly pricing models that are very cost effective.

No Extra Renewal Fee
It charges you a fixed amount for purchasing a new hosting or renewing one. You don’t need to pay additional charges for renewing your hosting.

Cons of Cloudways
No Email Hosting
Sadly, you don’t get free email hosting on Cloudways. This feature can be enabled with their paid add-on called RackSpace.

Slight Learning Curve
Beginners might experience a slight learning curve with the numerous options and settings available in the Cloudways console. Though my training program can help you get started with Cloudways.

Cloudways is a highly popular managed hosting on top of unmanaged hosting providers, including Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Its pricing for the DigitalOcean servers starts from $10/month. I am using the same plan for my website,

You can get an extra 20% off for 3 months on your hosting purchases by using my coupon code KRIPESH. I also have a dedicated Training Program on how to use Cloudways hosting. So, you can check out the free preview lessons to get an idea about the course.

Cloudways is one of the best and most value for money hosting providers for 2022. If your website is receiving traffic of over 1 lakh visitors, Cloudways would be a better choice compared to WPEngine or Kinsta!

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2) – Best Newcomer
Pros of
Cloudflare Enterprise Support
You will get to experience all the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise on, including fast speeds, excellent uptime, top-notch security, and a lot more!

100% Uptime
In the last 167 days, it has maintained an unbelievable uptime of a solid 100%. This is again because of the Cloudflare Enterprise.

Website Staging
You get a simple and straightforward staging process where you can test out changes and implement them on your live site effectively.

Good Load Handling
It handled a large number of requests and maintained a stable response time. Thus, it handles load fairly well.

Appreciable Backup Management
It created automatic daily backups for your website. Along with that, you can manually create and restore your backups at any time with a single click.

Powerful Team
The CEO of has worked with a lot of tech giants, which makes them a trustworthy and reliable name in the hosting industry.

Supports Ezoic Ads Now
They have recently added support for Ezoic ads. So, if you use Ezoic ads service, it can work seamlessly on now.

Cons of
No Email Hosting
It does not offer email hosting. You need to implement this function via some other platforms.

Expensive for Beginners
With its hosting plans starting from $30/month, might be an expensive hosting option for beginners who have not started earning from their website.

Problems with Backup Restoration
Recently, I had faced issues while restoring backups on my website. After raising a support query, it took about 3 hours to restore my backup. is a new web hosting company in the market. It marks itself differently by integrating the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with its hosting services. Its Starter plan is priced at $30/month, which I have also purchased.

At the moment, they have their Launch Special Offer going on where you can get any hosting plan for $1 for the first month. For more discounts, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH to get 3 months off on any hosting plan of your choice!

Overall, looks like a great choice, but it’s not for beginners. If you’ve not started earning revenue from your website yet, this hosting would prove extremely expensive for you. But for more seasoned players making a living from their websites, the pricing is justified!

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3) ChemiCloud – Good For E-commerce
chemicloud logo
Pros of ChemiCloud
Exceptional Support
Their live chat support is one of the best I have experienced. Along with fast replies, their support team is also very experienced and offers intelligent responses to queries.

Swift Speeds
Because ChemiCloud makes use of the powerful LiteSpeed servers, you get to experience lightning fast load speeds.

Reliable Load Handling
With no HTTP failures and a shockingly low average response time even without tuning the cache plugin, ChemiCloud efficiently handled load.

Litespeed Servers
They use the Litespeed servers that guarantee blazing fast speeds and improved performance.

Free Domain for Life
If you register/transfer a domain to ChemiCloud, you get to use it for free till the time your hosting account remains active.

Indian Data Centers
ChemiCloud has its data centers set up at 11 locations, including one in Mumbai, which is beneficial for the Indian audiences.

45-Day Refund Policy
You get a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you want to test ChemiCloud hosting and analyse if it suits your needs.

Free 50 cPanel Migrations
You get to migrate 50 cPanel websites or 10 non-cPanel websites with ChemiCloud for free, which is quite a lot! No other web host is providing as many free migrations right now.

Cons of ChemiCloud
Uptime can be Improved
I have observed an uptime of 99.94% in the last 365 days, which is decent. Although it has seen significant improvement in the last few months, the uptime can definitely be improved further.
For the price I’m paying I was expecting a bit better.

ChemiCloud hosting has been growing at a swift pace since the last few years. Their pricing plans start from $3.95/month. I am using their Pro plan that comes for $6.95/month. You can also use my coupon code CCKRIPESHYT for additional discounts.

So, if you’re planning to get hosting for 3 years, ChemiCloud would be a pretty good option. Its Litespeed servers will also be beneficial if you’re planning to host an eCommerce store.

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4) Fastcomet – Best 1 Year Plan
fastcomet logo
Pros of Fastcomet
Lightning Fast Speeds
FastComet implements SSD-only storage on its hosting plans. Along with that, it has data centers around the globe and has Cloudflare CDN support. These factors result in super fast speeds and better performance!

Good Customer Support
The Live chat support of FastComet is fast as well as quite knowledgeable.

Indian Data Centers
They have their data centers established in 11 locations around the world, with one in Mumbai, India. This ensures better speeds for the Indian audiences.

Efficient Load Handling
FastComet maintains a stable response time with very few spikes, even with a large number of requests.

45-Day Refund Policy
FastComet offers a generous 45-day refund policy on its hosting plans. This is enough for thoroughly testing out all of their features.

Affordable Pricing
The Shared Hosting plans of FastComet start at $2.95/month. This is completely value for money, considering the advanced features it provides.

Good Uptime
Their uptime has been 99.96% in the last 365 days, which is pretty good even for running a professional website.

Cons of Fastcomet
No Free Domain
Unlike other web hosts, FastComet does not offer a free 1-year domain if you purchase its hosting plans.

FastComet is a renowned hosting provider gradually establishing itself in the hosting market. Its pricing plans start from $2.95/month. However, their Best plan is FastCloud Plus that comes for $4.45/month.

An interesting feature of FastComet is that it offers a fixed discount percentage on all durations. So, if you purchase a hosting for 1 year or 3 years, the discounts will remain constant. I found this quite impressive!

FastComet has everything you need to start your dream website! In my opinion, it would be the most value for money option if you want a hosting for one year.

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5) Hostinger – Best in Budget
Pros of Hostinger
Attractive Interface
Hostinger offers a modern and attractive hPanel to its users. It is a beginner-friendly interface that helps you manage your websites with ease.

Impressive Speeds
Because Hostinger makes use of Litespeed servers, you’ll experience fast speeds on all locations.

Reliable Uptime
I experienced an uptime of 99.94% in the last 365 days on my website hosted on Hostinger. It used to be quite low, but they have improved a lot in the past few months.

Affordable Rates
The plans offered by Hostinger are quite budget-friendly, starting from ₹79/month if you purchase them for longer durations.

Efficient Load Handling
Hostinger skilfully handles a large number of requests and maintains a stable response time, guaranteeing an efficient load management.

UPI Payments Support
Hostinger supports Indian payment options like the UPI Payments, which is useful for the Indian customers.

Asian Data Centers
Hostinger has 7 data centers, including one in Singapore. This ensures better speeds in the Indian regions as well.

GST Invoice
If you have a GST number for your business, you can also get GST invoices when you purchase your hosting package.

Cons of Hostinger
1 SSL Certificate
You only get 1 Free SSL Certificate per hosting account. However, all your subdomains and add-ons domains can be easily secured with CloudFlare SSL for free.

Slow Support
Their live chat support is quite slow in responding to queries. However, the tech team is quite knowledgeable and polite.

Hostinger is a popular budget hosting provider with shared hosting plans starting from ₹79/month when purchased for 48 months. The best plan is its Shared Business plan.

At the moment, they have a sale live on their website. So, you can get hosting plans at discounted rates. If you wish to avail an additional discount, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH at checkout.

If you purchase any hosting plan through my link, you’ll get a free entry into my Hostinger Training Program as well.

Overall, Hostinger is still one of the best and most affordable hosting solutions in 2022. If you are a beginner just starting out with your blogging journey, Hostinger would prove to be a suitable option for you!

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best hosting provider in world

There are a lot of great reasons to start your own website. Whether you’re looking to create your own blog, kick off a side hustle or build a portfolio, there’s no better time than right now to build a website. It’s an exciting process, too. Picking your own personal design to represent yourself is one of the many exhilarating parts of building your new website. However, there’s a lot more to it than just clicking around and hitting save when you’re happy.

First off, you need to have an idea for what your site should contain or be about, and you have to choose a company to house your website. The number of web hosting services can be confusing and the choice can be hard. So we looked over the data for 22 web hosting services to make things a little easier on you.

You can read more about our criteria for web hosting services, and you can check out important web hosting terms to know.

Note: Pricing for web hosting is a bit tricky to follow. Listed prices are generally introductory rates attached to contracts that usually last a year or more and renew at the regular, higher, rate at the end of the contract. Make sure to take the regular rate into account when trying to figure out a long-term hosting provider.

Best web hosting services
A2 Hosting
InMotion Hosting
AccuWeb Hosting

Sarah Tew/CNET
Great security features

Extensive security features, including backups
Unlimited traffic, so no need to scale up plans to handle additional traffic
99.99% uptime guarantee

Website builder costs extra
Plan prices increase, sometimes by huge margins, over time
Our take
IONOS has the lowest starting price point of any other service on this list, but once the plan renews, the price increases drastically. IONOS also has customer support numbers for 14 countries, making it a good choice for international customers.

Hosting plans
Ionos offers shared, VPS, dedicated and managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. The company also differentiates between hosting plans meant for smaller and larger organizations to help customers better understand what plan is best for them.

Security features
Ionos offers security features that go beyond what other web hosting services offer. All plans include SSL certificates, malware scans and DDoS protections. Some plans also help repair damage malware might cause on your website. Backups at least once every 24-hours are also standard with each plan, and each backup is held for 20 days. A full set of a customer’s data is also stored in two separate data centers as a security measure, that way customers will always have access to their data, even if one data center is brought down by a cyberattack.

Ionos has a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is a higher guarantee than most other web hosting services. Battery-operated power supplies and backup generators help maintain power to Ionos data centers so your site and services stay online even if its data center loses power.

Customer support
Support is available any time, either by phone or chat. A directory also provides customer support numbers for customers in 14 different countries. Ionos also offers a personal consultant who will be your main point of contact if you need help with your site. A personal consultant and phone numbers for different support centers around the world gives Ionos customers more ways to get help compared to some other hosting providers.

Other features
Ionos offers a status page to alert customers when services go down or are being repaired. The page also logs the times when services go down and are brought back up, and it lets customers know of any scheduled maintenance.

Ionos’ prices start lower than most other web hosting services for similar services. However, prices rise — shared and WordPress hosting rise by over 1,000% — after a certain amount of time. That means Ionos is a good entry point for web hosting, but it may not be the best long-term home for your website if cost is your primary concern.

Shared hosting starts at $0.50 a month.
VPS hosting starts at $2 a month.
Dedicated server hosting starts at $45 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $0.50 a month.
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Sarah Tew/CNET
Climate-conscious web hosting

Offers a wide variety of plans for all needs
Features website builder to help create your site
Produces three times the amount of wind energy it uses

Phone support isn’t active 24/7
Prices of some plans are above average
Our take
GreenGeeks’ promise to offset its energy needs makes this service a clear choice for climate-conscious customers. Some plans also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, prices are a little high compared to other plans.

Hosting plans
GreenGeeks offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and reseller hosting plans. Each plan offers tiered options that let you scale up as your site’s needs grow. Some plans are managed, but at a higher cost. Each plan also includes a website builder so you don’t have to build your site from scratch.

Security features
Each plan includes a slew of security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protections, daily backups, malware cleanups and more to help protect your site.

Like most web hosts, GreenGeeks offers a 99.9% uptime.

Customer support
GreenGeeks says it checks its servers every 10 seconds for any issues, while other services might check every 30 seconds, minute or longer. This means if your site runs into any issues, GreenGeeks might already be working on resolving it before you contact them. For more direct customer support GreenGeeks offers 24/7 chat support, but phone support is only active from 9 a.m. to midnight ET.

Other features
For every hosting account, GreenGeeks plants a tree, and GreenGeeks also creates three times the amount of energy used through renewable energy sources. Data centers contribute about 0.3% of global carbon emissions, according to the International Energy Agency, so GreenGeeks’ environmental commitment makes it a web hosting option that gives back.

GreenGeeks’ pricing is average compared to other web hosting services. However, most of the lowest prices from GreenGeeks require a three-year contract paid in full upfront. Other contracts are available at an increased price per month, but must also be paid in full upfront.

Shared hosting starts at $3 a month.
VPS hosting starts at $40 a month.
Dedicated server hosting starts at $169 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $3 a month.
Reseller hosting starts at $20 a month.
See at GreenGeeks

Sarah Tew/CNET
A2 Hosting
Customer service-focused

24/7 “Guru Crew” customer support by chat, email or phone
Free site migration when coming from another service
Servers are physically secure on site

Lowest prices require three-year contracts
Some plans don’t offer enough to justify higher prices
Our take
A2 Hosting offers great customer service options, as well as many different types of multi-tiered hosting plans. Plans offer a lot of features at no extra cost. The biggest downside is that the cheapest plans require a three-year contract.

Hosting plans
A2 Hosting offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller and cloud hosting, including tiered options within each plan. Shared hosting, for example, offers plans labeled Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max. These additional plans give customers more options to choose from to better fit their needs, and allow customers to scale their operation as needed.

Security features
Each plan comes with security features like an SSL certificate, dual firewalls, virus scanner and brute force defense. Each plan comes with a Patchman enhanced security tool, which regularly costs about $25 a month, as well as DDoS protections that can detect DDoS attacks as soon as they happen to help keep your site safe. A2 Hosting also boasts about the physical security of its servers — in order to access them, someone needs to have two separate key cards to enter the parking lot and the server center.

A2 Hosting has a 99.9% uptime commitment. An uptime of 99.9% means your site shouldn’t be down for more than nine hours a year, which is the industry standard.

Customer support
The real distinction for A2 Hosting is its commitment to customer support. A2’s “Guru Crew” is available by chat, email or phone 24/7. And if you want to figure something out without talking to anyone, A2 Hosting has a large Knowledge Base filled with information to help you develop and grow your site.

Other features
If you are looking to switch web hosting service providers, A2 Hosting offers free site migration. The average cost of a site migration in 2021 was between $300 to $400, making this a generous offer.

A2 Hosting pricing is about average at first glance, but the lowest prices also come with a three-year contract, so to get the lowest price you are locked into this service for a long time. Some of the service’s tiered plan options might not offer enough to justify the price increase, as well. The Turbo Boost and Turbo Max shared hosting, for example, are $7 and $13 per month, respectively. The plans appear to have two differences: Boost has 2GB of physical memory compared to the Max’s 4GB. In addition, Max offers “5X More Resources” by using nonvolatile memory express drives, which are faster than solid-state drives. Nonvolatile memory express drives don’t seem much faster than SSDs on paper, but if you’re trying to sell something in real time online every second — or millisecond — counts.

Shared hosting starts at $3 a month.
Unmanaged VPS hosting starts at $5 a month.
Managed VPS hosting starts at $40 a month.
Unmanaged dedicated server hosting starts at $106 a month.
Managed dedicated server hosting starts at $156 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $12 a month.
Reseller hosting starts at $19 a month.
See at A2 Hosting

Sarah Tew/CNET
InMotion Hosting
Good for first-time website owners

90-day money back guarantee
Many customer service options
Free website builder

US servers only
Month-to-month payment plans not available for all plans
Our take
InMotion Hosting has one of the longest money-back guarantee time frames, so even if you aren’t totally satisfied with its service you can still get some cash back after a month or two. However, InMotion Hosting only has US-based servers, so it’s not the best choice for anyone with an international audience.

Hosting plans
InMotion Hosting offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and reseller hosting with different tiered options for each type of hosting. InMotion Hosting also offers hourly managed hosting services. These services can be purchased for one, two or three hours for $40 to $100 per month, or outside of a plan at $75 per hour.

Security features
Each plan comes with free SSL certificates, DDoS protections and hack and malware protections. Automatic daily backups are also available for some plans.

InMotion Hosting offers 99.99% uptime, placing InMotion Hosting above the standard in terms of uptime. Customers should expect less than an hour of downtime per year, compared to nine hours for companies that only offer 99.9% uptime.

Customer support
InMotion Hosting’s customer support offers more ways for customers to contact them than many other services. Customers can contact a customer support representative by phone, chat, or email 24/7, they can file support tickets or Skype with a representative. InMotion Hosting also offers customers access to a database of instructional posts, as well as a community forum customers can look through for the answer to a question if you can’t find it anywhere else.

Other features
Most web hosting services offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but all InMotion Hosting plans come with a 90-day money back guarantee. That makes InMotion a great option for anyone who’s trying out a website for the first time but isn’t sure if they’re ready for a longer commitment.

As with other web hosting services, the listed price is only applicable before the renewal cost. These can be confusing when comparing prices since some plans appear to cost the same despite one offering more perks. For example, the shared hosting Launch plan costs $5 a month with a three-year contract and the shared hosting Power plan costs the same for the same contract length but has more features — seems like a no-brainer to go with the Power plan, right? However, after the contract ends, the Launch plan renews at $12 a month and the Power plan renews at $16 a month, leaving subscribers paying more for the Power plan.

Shared hosting starts at $2.29 a month.
VPS hosting starts at $18 a month.
Dedicated hosting under the “Bare Metal” tab starts at $100 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $3.49 a month.
Reseller hosting starts at $15.39 a month.
Managed hosting services start at $40 a month.
See at InMotion Hosting

Sarah Tew/CNET
Good for data-heavy sites

Unmetered bandwidth and disk space
Free site and domain transfers
45-day money back guarantee

Restoring data from backups costs extra
Add-ons add up
Our take
HostGator makes it easy to start and maintain a website with a database of tutorials and walkthroughs. If you already have a site, you can transfer it to HostGator for no extra charge. Make sure you read the fine print when it comes to backups, though — it left us with questions.

Hosting plans
HostGator offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and reseller hosting plans with tiered options. Each plan comes with unmetered bandwidth and disk space so you can load as much data on your site as you want. That makes it a great option for anyone with lots of video, images or animated page elements.

Security features
HostGator offers free SSL certificates, DDoS protections and automated backups. After the backups are taken, HostGator scans the files and makes sure they are free of malicious code, and if any is located the files are quarantined. However, HostGator writes that anyone with “critical business information or important data are STRONGLY encouraged to seek a third-party backup service…” (emphasis theirs). Undermining your own backup system is an odd choice.

HostGator has an industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee. Shared and reseller hosting customers can request a one-month refund if their uptime doesn’t meet that guarantee. However, VPS and dedicated hosting customers won’t get a refund if their uptime isn’t met. Instead those customers receive a prorated credit for how long the server was down.

Customer support
Customers can reach HostGator customer support representatives by chat, email or phone 24/7. A database also offers customers video tutorials, articles and guides. Not all services offer video tutorials, which could help solve an issue when it feels like talking to customer support over the phone or online isn’t helping.

Other features
HostGator offers a 45-day money back guarantee, which is above average when compared to most other web hosting services. The tutorials and walkthroughs available also make it easy for first-time site managers to get started.

In addition to renewal prices jumping after a plan’s contract ends, add-ons can also significantly increase the price. Restoring backups, for example, costs an additional $25. So while, yes, HostGator offers automated backups, you still have to pay extra to access those backups, which makes it feel like backups are really an additional cost. This is certainly unusual.

Shared hosting starts at $2.75 a month.
VPS hosting starts at $24 a month.
Dedicated hosting starts at $90 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $6 a month.
Reseller hosting starts at $20 a month.
See at HostGator

Sarah Tew/CNET
Low-priced plans

Some monthly plans relatively affordable compared to other providers
Offers cyber insurance as an add-on
Free website builder with each plan

Price almost doubles with renewal of some plans
No 24/7 phone support
Our take
Namecheap is cheaper than other services on this list, but only for certain contract lengths, like month-to-month plans. Namecheap also offers cyber insurance and Namecheap Legal to help you if your site is taken down by malicious actors. But Namecheap doesn’t have 24/7 phone support, which could be an issue if something goes wrong on your end and they aren’t available.

Hosting plans
Namecheap offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and reseller hosting. The plans offer tiered options, and the differences in plans are spelled out and easy to follow. Features shared across plans are easy to recognize, so you don’t have to read too deep into plans.

Security features
Each Namecheap plan comes with a free virus scanner, two-factor authentication and DDoS protection to help secure your data and the data of your visitors. SSL certificates are also free for one year, but then are an additional cost, starting at $6 a year. Namecheap also offers optional cyber insurance at an extra cost in case your data falls victim to a cyberattack. Cyber insurance plans start at an additional $6.50 a month and cover things like legal costs, damage repair and fines that could spring from a data breach. However, cyber insurance is currently only available in the US.

Namecheap has a 99.9% uptime guarantee for VPS and reseller plans and 100% uptime guarantee for most shared, VPS and dedicated plans. Namecheap explicitly states one dedicated server plan has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If uptime does drop, customers are eligible for a service refund, which could give you a month of free hosting.

Customer support
Namecheap has 24/7 online chat support, ticket filing and database of informative and instructional posts and videos. However, there’s no phone support, which could make it difficult to get the help you need if something goes wrong with your site. Namecheap does have a Status Update section so you can see if others are experiencing a similar issue or not.

Other features
Namecheap offers some useful free and paid applications and services to customers. Some of the free applications include a logo maker, an online marketing tool and a graphic design tool. Paid applications and services include an online ID authentication tool and Namecheap Legal, which connects you to legal services to help tackle legal issues your business might run into.

Some Namecheap plans are relatively affordable compared to the competition, especially monthly plans. Shared plans, for example, cost $3.88 on a month-by-month basis. Monthly plans from competitors can cost upward of $10 a month. Yearly contracts are less expensive than monthly plans, but the cost of those same plans can double in some instances upon renewal. One shared plan offers a two-year contract that costs a total of $37.88 (about $1.58 a month), but it renews at $84.88 (about $3.54 a month.) The renewal price is more, yes, but it’s still less than the renewal price for most other services. Dedicated hosting month-by-month plans appear less expensive with a starting price of $56.88 for your first month. This plan then renews at $80.88 a month. Dedicated hosting plans with a one-year contract appear more expensive than the month-by-month plan, but are less expensive over that 12-month period.

Shared hosting starts at $2.18 a month.
VPS hosting starts at $6.88 a month.
Dedicated hosting starts at $48.88 for the first month and renews at $53.88 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at about $2.09 a month listed as $24.88 a year.
Reseller hosting starts at $17.88 a month.
See at NameCheap

Sarah Tew/CNET
AccuWeb Hosting
Worldwide data centers

Global data centers
Cloud hosting offers 100% hardware uptime
Free site migration

No unlimited data options on most plans
Customer support phone service not available all hours
Our take
AccuWeb Hosting has data centers around the world to better serve international customers. It offers both Linux and Windows servers for web hosting needs, but phone support is limited to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, which is less than ideal if you’re in another time zone.

Hosting plans
AccuWeb Hosting offers shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller and different cloud hosting options. There are options for cloud shared and cloud VPS hosting plans as well. Customers can also choose which of AccuWeb Hosting’s global data centers will host their data. This means if you anticipate most of your traffic to come from outside the US, you can choose to have your data in a different data center so your site loads quicker for non-US visitors.

Security features
AccuWeb Hosting offers free SSL certificates with each plan, free antivirus tools and free daily backups, which are an upgrade over the more standard weekly backups. Security tools like malware cleanup are also included.

While AccuWeb Hosting guarantees an impressive 99.99% uptime, its cloud hosting plans offer 100% hardware uptime. However, just because the hardware is up 100% of the time, doesn’t mean your site is reachable all the time as well. If a server is up and running but the network is down, sure the hardware is fine, but your site still won’t be reachable.

Customer support
Customers can chat and file tickets with customer service 24/7, but phone services are limited. Right now, phone service is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and based in the US and Canada, despite having data centers around the globe.

Other features
While other services limit the number of domains an account can have and usually only allow one domain with basic shared plans, AccuWeb Hosting gives you unlimited domains no matter what plan you sign up for. Other services also limit the number of email accounts basic shared plans can host, usually between one and 10, but basic shared plans with AccuWeb Hosting offer 150 business email accounts, so instead of sending an email from your personal account, you can send an email from your business account and give your message more credibility.

Some AccuWeb Hosting plans, like shared plans, are a little higher than other services, while mid-level plans, like VPS plans, are cheaper than other services. If you choose a shared plan, but plan to scale up to a VPS plan, the price averages out.

Shared hosting starts at $4 a month.
VPS plans start at $8 a month.
VPS cloud hosting starts at $15 a month.
Dedicated hosting starts at $80 a month.
WordPress hosting starts at $4 a month.
Reseller hosting starts at $12 a month.
See at AccuWeb Hosting
Other web hosting services to consider
These services don’t offer one of the three hosting options, don’t include sufficient security features, an uptime guarantee or have some limited customer service options. The following services aren’t as robust as our top picks, but they’re still reasonable offerings.


Lengthy money-back guarantee
Dreamhost offers a 97-day money back guarantee, which is the longest money back time frame for a web hosting service on this list. If you’re new to web hosting, this time frame could give you enough time to make an informed decision about whether to stay with Dreamhost or not. It offers shared, VPS, dedicated and WordPress hosting plans, as well as an upgraded WordPress plan called DreamPress. Dreamhost has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and plans come with security features like SSL certificates and malware remover. Dreamhost’s drawback is it doesn’t offer 24/7 chat or phone support. Chat support is available seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. PT, and phone support is only available upon callback request. Dreamhost does offer a step-by-step online guide with how to handle technical issues if you think you need tech support. The least expensive plan is also only for one month of hosting. Afterwards, the price renews to the standard rate which is about quadruple the starting price.

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