Best Plugin For X Plane 11

The X Plane 11 plugin is a plugin for the flight simulator  X Plane 11 . It allows you to add sounds to your flights to make it more realistic.

Top 5 Stunning Things You Can Do On X Plane 11

X Plane 11 (XP11) is the latest version of X Planes. The XP series has been out for many years and is one of the best flight simulators out there. So, it is a must check out if you don’t know much about it yet.

Best Plugin For X Plane 11

nce you have installed your basic version of X-Plane-11 you will now probably be looking to customize your experience and add to it by way of the best available, and free, add-ons.

The fact is all of these are available. And most of the time they are free to download and utilize the easy to use a drag-and-drop system of installation. What’s more, it isn’t just planes and aircraft that are available and waiting to make your simulated flying experience that bit better.

Even basic add-ons such as the full keyboard control commands for ease-of-use around whichever virtual cockpit you find yourself in are available. As are the many different landscapes and outside terrains, which aside from the cockpit controls themselves, are largely the most important aspect of providing realism to the user, you.

Whether it is the particular aspects of individual cities, the coastline of a specific island or the rough terrain offered by some of the world’s most majestic mountain ranges from the United States to the Himalayas, all are waiting to expand your experience of virtual flying. And that is where we will start our look at ten of the best free add-ons for X-Plane 11.

HD Mesh Scenery V4
Recently released are HD and UHD options of X-Plane 11 Mesh scenery V4 – an add-on that is drastically improved over its predecessor, V3. And both options are completely free, both to download and to use. So, what will you be getting?

HD Mesh Scenery in X-Plane 11 with Boeing 747 in foreground.

The HD version covers scenery in much of Europe, also including Iceland and the Canary Islands on the continent’s western side, and as far as Moscow, Russia, and even parts of Israel on its eastern front. It also covers the United States (including Alaska), Canada, as well as the entirety of Central and South America. If you are looking to venture out over the Pacific, you will find Hawaii and many more of the multiple islands that reside in the world’s largest ocean. And should you fly far enough you can explore Australia, Japan, and the Himalayas.

The HD option is also compatible with X-Plane 11 and is easy to install and use, even using the same files and specifications as the default scenery that comes with the X-Plane program. It really is a case of “drag-drop-use”.

View/download the files over here.

UHD Mesh Scenery V4
If you choose to add the UHD version of Mesh Scenery, you can expect to enjoy bird’s eye views of some of the most well-known mountain ranges, all of which are extremely realistic and will serve to add another layer of authenticity to your virtual flying experience.

UHD Mesh scenery displayed in XP11.

You can enjoy the Pyrenees, the Alps, and the Scandinavian mountain ranges of Europe or head west to explore three different mountain ranges in both Canada or the United States.

Or perhaps you wish to head east where you can venture into some of the magnificent mountains of Japan or New Zealand. And like the HD package, is just as easy to use.

View/download the files over here.

The Alps Photoreal Scenery
New for 2019

Just released into our file library is an amazing photoreal scenery package for the Alps developed by the amazing team at A Sky Story.

Alps scenery for XP11/XP10.

The scenery covers the entire Western part of the Alps including many regions of the French Alps along with Switzerland and other regions. The size of the package is around 40 GB and includes everything you need to get started along with installation instructions.

This is a very large file and may take a while to download especially on a slow Internet connection. You may benefit from signing up to our PRO subscription in order to download faster.

All of the scenery has been created using real-world satellite images and then tweaked by the team at A Sky Story to make them accurate with less color and contrast issues (as satellite imagery is not perfect).

A lot of time and work has gone into creating this package. The whole package is compatible with X-Plane 11 and the older X-Plane 10.

View/download the file over here.

Spain Complete UHD Photoreal Scenery
New for 2019

Just added to our file library is this stunning photoreal scenery package from SpainUHD. This package brings ultra-high definition photoreal scenery for the whole of Spain and all of the overseas territories such as the Canary Islands. Not a single area of Spain has been missed – it is 100% coverage – from San Sebastián all the way to Cádiz – no area has not been covered. The original release by SpainUHD included 90 tiles which had to be downloaded individually – this repackage includes all tiles in one ZIP archive.

Spain Ultra High Definition photoreal for XP10/XP11.

The scenery package adds orthophoto scenery as well as mesh data and elevation data – it’s a complete package. Please be aware, this is a very large file (316 GB) and will take a very long time to download on most Internet connections. We have even increased the standard speed limit for our free users to this file as it is so large. Of course, you may still benefit from registering for our PRO membership in order to download faster but you can of course (and always will be able to) download it without registering.

The package works with both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11.

View/download the package over in the file library here.

View The Rest of the orthophoto scenery…
We have a whole article dedicated to covering orthophoto/photoreal scenery for X-Plane 11. The article features scenery for the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Grand Canyon orthophoto scenery in XP11.

Also included for some of the scenery add-ons are videos demonstrating the scenery package once installed in XP11.

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