Best Plugin For WordPress Security

You’ve probably heard the thing about WordPress plugins: they’re 90% insecure, and the other 10% are poorly coded. Both of these statements are true, unfortunately. If you were to ask me, I wouldn’t recommend installing WordPress plugins from untrustworthy sources. That said, it’s true that even some of the “trusted” plugin authors don’t write really good code. This isn’t uncommon among programers using a framework and supporting thousands of different themes and settings for multiple different website owners. With all this in mind, lets dive into the best plugin for WordPress security:

The world is filled with uncertainty as one natural or manmade disaster after another happens all over the world. This can have devastating effects not only on families and individuals but also make it difficult for businesses to survive. Even if you believe that you have the necessary precautions in place to protect your WordPress website from dangers, it’s good to know that there are additional measures that you can take to protect it. Here is one of the best plugins for WordPress security.

As a WordPress user, I’m always looking for ways to keep my site as secure as possible. Unfortunately, keeping your website secure is incredibly hard especially when there are new vulnerabilities released on a daily basis. You could keep up with the latest WordPress News to stay informed about the latest vulnerability but that’s not really going to help you.

Best Plugin For WordPress Security

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Many people build websites on WordPress because it’s such a versatile platform. And it’s also quite secure as there’s a team of developers dedicated to making the platform more secure.

That said, the platform is still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Over the course of 2020, WordPress sites ranging from small blogs to large corporate websites were struck by more than 2,800 hacking attacks every second. This is why security issues top the list of concerns for both new and experienced site owners.

Web hosting providers can provide you with essential server security. But you need to invest some effort in keeping your site safe. A great way to protect your WordPress site from security vulnerabilities is by installing plugins that specifically focus on improving your site’s security measures. Plugins are what makes WordPress so versatile in the first place, so definitely take advantage of them.

In this post, we want to introduce you to seven WordPress security plugins that our experts at Bluehost recommend. All of them are highly rated and frequently installed.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a full-featured security plugin for WordPress sites from the website auditing company Sucuri. The basic version of Sucuri is free, and users can also purchase a premium version with additional features. Both versions of Sucuri include security activity auditing, file monitoring, and malware scanning. Sucuri’s premium version also includes third-party features, such as Google Site Browsing and McAfee Site Advisor. Sucuri provides immediate email notification of suspicious activity, as well as blacklist monitoring.


This free WordPress plugin offers continuous malware checking, spam, bot-blocking, and two-factor authentication for all users. WordFence can scan a site’s host for potential “backdoors” that could put sites at risk. It also allows users to block traffic from specific sources and countries if desired. The malware scanner plugin also sends instant email notifications of possible security breaches. 

All in One WordPress Security and Firewall

This free plugin is easy to install and use without coding or development experience. The All in One WP Security Firewall scans sites for security weaknesses, recommends preventive measures, and monitors account activity. This robust plugin also automates backups and performs some automatic fixes when it detects the presence of malware. This specific WP security plugin works with most other plugins and sends immediate email updates when needed.


With an array of user-friendly security features, Defender is a free plugin from WPMUDeveloper. Defender provides two-factor authentication for all users, site and file scanning, and IP denylisting and monitoring. Defender’s premium version offers additional features to meet specific needs. Both the free and premium versions include instant email notifications of security issues on the WordPress website.


UpdraftPlus is one of the top-ranking and most popular scheduled backup and restoration plugins on the market. This free plugin with premium options features real-time and scheduled backup of all posts, media files, comments and other site content. It can protect you against losses caused by viruses, hacking, or “real-world” events like accidents or power outages. And you can easily restore your backups with just a single click. The premium option provides even more features, like being able to restore backups from other plugins.

Google Authenticator

Many quality WordPress security plugins include two-factor authentication, but users can also install this feature separately with the Google Authenticator plugin. It adds two-factor authentication for all users and works with all kinds of devices. This is also the only free plugin on this list, and it’s a good one.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security malware scanner is available from iThemes in free and premium forms. This plugin can scan your website and provide automatic fixes for security issues. It also bans bots, spam, and users who have attacked other websites. The premium version includes additional security features, including a strong password generator, scheduled malware scans, and a dashboard widget for managing all functions.

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