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Best Plugin For WordPress Blog : I got tired of looking around websites and blogs to find the best plug-in. So, I decided to write a post on it. Hope others find it useful too.

Which is the best plugin for WordPress blog? It’s a question you might ask if you are new to blogging or even if you have been doing this for years. Your website is your business card, and the plugin determines whether your cards will be easily readable and functional, or on the flip side, cause you much frustration with a bunch of errors. I have experienced many struggles with plugins, with both my personal and client websites. Things would just not work right and cause some unexpected glitches with my websites.

Over the past couple of years I’ve used more plugins for my WordPress blog than I can remember. Some were amazing but most were either too complicated, didn’t do what they promised or worst of all broke my site! These days I keep it simple. The 2 plugins below are exactly what I need and investing my time into something else would just be a waste of time.

Best Plugin For WordPress Blog

If you have chosen WordPress then you are on the right track as a blogger. WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) and rules over 42% of the website on the entire internet.

All this can happen due to its super user-friendliness and super-easy installation. You can customize your website without being a tech geek. Moreover, you don’t need to know a single line of code.

Another unbeatable thing about WordPress is, that there are plenty of plugins in this community. Most of them are free and paid ones are not much pricy.

This article is specially organized for bloggers who are searching- for the best WordPress plugins for blogs!

So, try to read till the end, you won’t regret it.

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs at a Glance
best wordpress plugins for blogs
You will get a huge number of plugins in but the question is which one is the best for your blog? Which one will make it easy for your audience to check your content and navigate through your site? Well, here we have listed some plugins for you.

Yoast SEO
Elementor Page Builder
Google Analytics Dashboard
Really Simple SSL
WP User Frontend
Smush Image Compression
Add To Any
Revive Old Post
WP Project Manager
Disable Comments
Let’s check the details.

  1. Yoast SEO- 5 Million Active Installation
    Yoast SEO- best WordPress plugins for blogs
    Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs to help your site rank high in search engine results. If you are a pro blogger, just skip it. The beginner site owner must read this. Here, some of its free version features are:

Lots Of Traffic
You’ll get more traffic from Bing, Google, and various social media platforms and increase audience engagement.

Run a check and optimize synonyms, key phrases, keywords, and any other words to help your page rank.

Let Google Know What The Page Is About
Add code to your page to help relevant search engines and sites to understand your website.

Get a Preview Of Your Page
The snippet editor will show the page preview so you can improve your page to make it look appealing.

article readability
Source: Yoast
Readability Test
Achieve better readability based on scientific methods.

No More Duplicate Content
It sets automatic canonical URLs as well.

Complete Control Over Breadcrumbs
Set a primary category for your post and control the taxonomy for each page for the WordPress site.

Works on Every WordPress Editor
You can optimize your posts for the Gutenberg editor. It’ll also help to improve the content for the classic editor.

Redirect Manager
Get the ‘REGEX redirect’ to indicate all these URLs with specific words with this plugin.

Regularly Updated
It goes through regular updates to ensure proper site optimization for Google’s latest algorithm.

Bottom Line: There are more features in the pro version. But we must say the free one is quite efficient.

When you are running a blog, your ultimate goal should be to gain as much as traffic possible. Apart from Yoast, Rank Math is another best SEO plugin for WordPress blog sites with 1 Million active installations. It has stunning features like-

Provide extra and related keyword info
Intelligent Recommendations
Create an innovative blog with Content AI
Internal and External link suggestions
Consist lightweight code

  1. Akismet- 5 Million Active Installation
    Akismet- 5 Million Active Installation
    If you want protection from spam, then don’t forget to download this plugin! For your spam protection, this is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs. It comes with helpful features such as:

Automatic Checking and Filtering of The Spam Comments
Akismet makes a check of comments and contact form submissions by using the global database of spam to prevent the posting of any malicious content on your site.

Allows You to Check the Spam History
You’ll know which comments were spam, caught by Akismet, and cleared off from your site. Plus, get to know which were marked and approved comments.

Reveals Misleading or Hidden URLs
Misleading or hidden URLs can hurt your site. Akismet will quickly uncover and get rid of them!

Get a Speedy Website Performance and Save Disk Space
Spam comments can take up a lot of space over time. This plugin will help to speed up your site through its discard feature to block any spam and this way you can also save disk space! To keep your WordPress site more secure there are some specific plugins.

Bottom Line: So, why wait, if you want instant relief from spam, all you need to do is to download it and activate it fast!

A trustworthy alternative to Akismet is Jetpack. It offers the best functions to make your site safe and fast! Also, you can grow your traffic, thanks to this plugin. For these reasons, it is on the list of our best WordPress plugins for blogs. Some features Jetpack will offer you:

Excellent Website Security 24/7
Hassle-free Site Shifting
Easy Site Maintenance
Keep Audiences Focused
Spam Protection

  1. Elementor Page Builder- 5 Million Active Installation
    Elementor- Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites
    With this number one WP builder, create unlimited web pages without any effort.

No coding, only drag and drop!

Whether it’s for your blog or eCommerce store, Elementor will offer you the best, and fortunately, it works on any WordPress site. Here are some reasons why it’s so popular:

A Powerful Visual Design
Create a visually appealing design by using the drag and drop function. Upload or choose from pre-existing fonts, animate, and edit photos using the best available tools. This easy customization has made it the best WordPress plugin for blogs.

Speedy Performance
Create a fast-performing blog site (with faster loading time) within a short period.

Increase Traffic And Conversions
Design your forms and integrate them with any marketing tools and connect with your audience through different apps.

Get a Visual Guide to Build Your Site
The visual theme builder offers you the right tools to carry out the design task without any hassle!

Get a Visual Guide to Build Your Site
Build Stunning Site Pop-Ups
You can create pop-ups to be consistent with your site design and integrate content from WordPress.

Get Over 80 Elements for Design
You can find a widget for your site’s every need. Also, you can use third-party ones or build a custom one!

Compatible With Any Theme And Plugin
No need to find the right match when using Elementor as this chameleon will work seamlessly with any theme or plugin.

You can easily create visually appealing designs with third-party addons like HappyAddons, to design an interactive, fast, and scalable site to improve user experience! It will offer you-

Huge Preset Selection
You can select from over 400 presets to design your site.

Huge Preset Selection
Lots Of Widgets.
Choose from 35 premium widgets and more to make your site interactive.

Get a Variety Of Features
Some features are section nesting, animation, template import, a unique library with over 500 line icons, on-demand asset loading, widget background overlay, etc.

Bottom Line: If you are searching for the best web page builder, then we must suggest no one is better than Elementor. Moreover, there are lots of addons that can create a new w

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard- 2 Million Active Installation
    Google Analytics Dashboard- Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites
    This plugin by ExactMetrics will give you the stats you need to increase your traffic and sales. You will get the information to make effective data-driven decisions to grow your business! For collecting site information it is renowned as the best WordPress plugin for blogs. Here are some of its incredible features:

Easy Access
Check the actionable analysis reports directly through your WordPress dashboard.

Stay Updated and Ahead with Reports
There are various types of reports you can get, such as audience reports, behavior reports, eCommerce reports, Search Console reports, content reports, and many more!

Easy Set-Up
It will take just a few clicks to add it to your site! Plus, as it’s always updated, you can get the latest Google Analytics features whenever possible!

A Range Of Tracking
A Range Of Tracking
This WordPress blog plugin offers various helpful tracking Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking, wooCommerce tracking, Google Analytics universal tracking, affiliate link tracking, Google Adsense Ad tracking for bloggers, event tracking, and more!

Easy To Track
It just takes a single click to enable conversion tracking for a variety of forms in WordPress.

Get effortless integration for the easy digital download plugin. With just one click, you can connect with Facebook instant articles.

Bottom Line: When you are worried about regular traffic, Google Analytics Dashboard can assist you by giving tons of efficient reports. Moreover, tracking your visitors is just a matter of time now.

Here is another plugin from Google for insights into how people find and use your site. Google Site Kit includes powerful features like:

Easy-to-understand statistics directly on your WordPress dashboard
Informative statistics from multiple Google tools
Quick setup for multiple Google tools
Detailed metrics for your entire site and individual posts
Granular permissions across WordPress and other Google products

  1. Really Simple SSL- 4 Million Active Installation
    really simple ssl
    If you want to move your whole site to SSL, this plugin is your best bet! Really Simple SSL will detect your site settings automatically and configure it to run over the HTTPS. The options are kept to a minimum to keep everything lightweight.

Here are some of its benefits:

Quick Set-Up
It’s easy to set up! You need to get the SSL certificate, activate the plugin, and activate the SSL with one click. Now, You are all set to use this one of the best blogger plugins!

Extensive Scanning Function
This plugin offers a variety of features such as a mixed content scan to show you what to do if there’s no secure lock yet. The extensive scan will help you check the source for the mixed content. You can solve it with the fix button.

HTTP Strict Transport Security For Better Safety
You will get the option to enable the HTTP Strict Transport Security and configuration of the site for the HSTS preload list. It will help you to protect your site and domain against any type of attack.

HTTP Strict Transport Security For Better Safety
Solves SSL Issues
It will solve any issues of the WordPress site with SSL, replacing the http:// URLs to https://, except the unrelated site’s hyperlinks.

Safety For The Cookies
After installing this plugin, your cookies will be safe by using secure flags and HttpOnly. Also, due to encryption, they’ll be secure!

Hassle-free Implementation of The Security Headers
You can implement the security headers such as X-XSS-Protection, content security policy, certificate transparency, Expect-CT, and X-frame Options.

Premium Support
With WordPress, this plugin will offer you thousands of configuration options! Besides that, if you need expert support, this plugin will assist you tremendously!

Bottom Line: Well, for solving your security issues and moving to SSL, this plugin is best for blogs.

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