Best Nicehash Plugin For Nvidia

If you’re thinking about getting started with NiceHash but you don’t want to deal with complicated settings and algorithms, the solution is simple. Use this Best NiceHash Plugin For Nvidia. This Best NiceHash Plugin For Nvidia is a Nicehash miner that allows you to work directly on a mining panel.

Many crypto miners use NiceHash for mining altcoins. I’m a huge fan of this service! However, if you’re running it on an Nvidia GPU (specifically), you may be experiencing a lot of crashes and restarts. The best solution to remedy this is to use another miner.

You might want to try a new Zcash miner for Nvidia. It has just hit the web and comes from a developer called HashLord. The software is designed for use with Nvidia-based GPUs and actually supports CUDA 9.

Best Nicehash Plugin For Nvidia

NiceHash Miner Software enables the integration of third-party mining software to enable more efficient mining operations for users of the NiceHash platform. NiceHash is taking measures to establish higher security levels of the NiceHash Services, including NiceHash Services and Platform, NiceHash Miner Software, and integrated Third Party Miner Software. One of the important security measures is preventing unauthorized/malicious changes of the mining software distributed to users by providing a verifiable digital signature of executable code. NiceHash is already digitally signing all of its software using Code Signing Certificate.

Currently, these miners inside NiceHash Miners are signed and verified by NiceHash:

  • Excavator
  • Nbminer
  • LolMiner
  • Nanominer

All of the above miners are being regularly updated to the latest version. Other, unsigned miners developed by anonymous developers, will not be updated until the miner is digitally signed.

NiceHash recommends using verified miner plugins.

What are Plugins and how to use them?

NiceHash Miner supports a wide variety of 3rd party miners by default. And we want to give you total control over which miners you want to use. For this purpose, we have developed a plugin system that allows you to install, update or remove 3rd party miners in NiceHash Miner. Essentially, a plugin system is a 3rd party miner controller that allows you to add/remove miners with ease.

The plugin system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Follow these steps to install, update or remove a plugin.

How to install (or update) 3rd party miner:

  1. Open NiceHash Miner.
  2. Click on PLUGIN tab.
  3. Select the miner and click on Install.

How to remove 3rd party miner:

  1. Open NiceHash Miner.
  2. Click on PLUGIN tab.
  3. Click on the more options (3 dots).
  4. Select Uninstall.

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