Color grading plugin for fcpx

Color grading plugins for Final Cut Pro X are what makes your video look unique. There are many color grading plugin options out there with FilmConvert being one of the best. FilmConvert is a great color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X that I highly recommend. Filmmakers traditionally use an expensive tool called a … Read more

Color code for image

Finding quality images for your blog posts can be challenging. It takes hours to go through a few hundred images to get the perfect one for your work. It’s even worse when you’ve found that perfect image – but it’s not in color. That’s why you should use a color code chart – it saves … Read more

Color checker plugin for lightroom

Whether you shoot film or not, it is always helpful to see how the colors in your picture will look once translated onto a different medium. This can be done by converting the raw files into JPEGs which are not only easier to share with everyone, but converted files also have the same color profile … Read more

Color analysis tools for image consultants

Color analysis tools can make your work as an image consultant even more effective, especially if you’re doing it remotely. Color analysis tools grade colors and suggest color palettes for a seamless flow of the custom color scheme for your client’s unique needs. In image consulting, color analysis is one of the essential skills needed … Read more

Collage plugin for photoshop cs6

Creating a photo collage is a breeze using this Photoshop collage plugin. PhotoCollage CS6 makes it easy to arrange your photos on several layers and place them in the perfect spot. One thing you will quickly learn about Photoshop is that it features many different ways to complete any given task. Sometimes you might have … Read more

Collage plugin for lightroom

Lightroom is an excellent tool for editing a wide variety of photos. While the most commonly used plugin, Photo merge isn’t a very good tool for stitching together multiple photos. Collage on the other hand, is simple to use and creates great results when combining multiple photos into one image. In this review I’ll show … Read more

Collada plugin for blender

Collada is a standard file format for 3D assets. ​ Blender is a free, powerful and reliable tool for artists and professionals to create animated films, visual effects, art and game assets. Blender is an open source application, used primarily for 3D modeling and animation work. Blender already boasts its own complete Collada exporter and … Read more

Coldfusion plugin for eclipse

ColdFusion plugin for eclipse is most flexible and easiest way for development of Coldfusion applications. It supports for all version of ColdFusion. The Coldfusion IDE plugin for Eclipse gives you the best of both worlds: the powerful features of the Coldfusion Studio development environment with the flexibility and advanced features of the Eclipse IDE. Coldfusion … Read more