Premade templates for blogger

Do bloggers need website design services? Well, it all depends on your level of experience and goals. If you have been a blogger for a while, have built up a decent following, and have already figured out what your niche is then yes, website design services are probably unnecessary. But if you are just getting … Read more

Post views counter for wordpress

WordPress Post Views Counter Pro plugin provides a nice graphical counter to display how many times each post in your blog has been viewed by the visitors. This article shows you how to add views counter to your wordpress blog, wordpress post views count without plugin and wordpress views plugin. Post views counter for wordpress … Read more

Post view counter for blogger

Bloggers rely on exposure, pertinent statistics and quality content to gain readers. In this project, a Post view counter was built for a blogger’s blog site using PHP and MySQL to track page views. This project shows how to save and retrieve data from a web page visitor’s browser through cookies or session variables. Blogger … Read more

Post template for wordpress

This template will be beneficial for everyone who wants to start his own online weblog. Post Template made on basis of Bootstrap and contains sample data. It is very convenient to use, because you can insert several copies into different themes. All elements and components are located in separate files, so it’s not necessary to … Read more

Post template for blogger

Post template for blogger is a wordpress blog post plugin that allows you to write a post and publish it as draft first. The idea behind this is that you would be able to make changes to the post by updating the draft. This way you can proofread your post over and over again before … Read more

Post slider for wordpress

Like it or not, the single most important part of marketing your blog is your blog content. The problem is that often, the most time consuming and challenging part of creating content for blogs is coming up with post titles. PostSlider for WordPress is a free plugin to help you come up with creative post … Read more

Post slider for blogger

This plugin enables you to create a beautiful interactive slider for your posts in a few steps. It’s easy to use, customise and requires no code knowledge. ¬†The plugin features over 30 animations and supports images, galleries and videos. Post slider is a free jQuery post slider plugin with multiple style and several features. WordPress … Read more

Post grid for wordpress

This is a grid theme that lets you display your posts into a grid. This helps you to highlight your main content on the front page of your website, and create category content pages for every post. It’s perfect for any post related website, such as blogs and portfolios. You have decided to make your … Read more

Ports to use for web server

Ports are important on your server, especially if you’re running a web server like apache. The type of port is just as important as well. Your server might have ports that are not allowed by your ISP and other random rules. A web server is a computer that runs web applications for serving the contents … Read more

Porto theme for wordpress

WordPress is a great platform to build a website. But with so much choice out there, how do you decide what theme is right for you? If you’re looking for a professional and premium theme, then Porto might be the perfect choice. This theme is ideal for business websites that use the disciplines of Design, … Read more